Shadow and I went through it so you don’t have to. Picking out the right kickstand for your FXR is fraught with pitfalls… surprise! Replacements abound in the aftermarket, on flea bay, etc., etc. Confusion arises with the decision to switch to a stand for a lowered bike or vice-versa and whether to settle for an aftermarket version or wait for a good used OEM one.


Tip #1—Aftermarket FXR jiffy stands have a single 90-degree bend on the tab where the spring hooks up. OEM stands have a radius at that bend. (See picture)

Tip #2—Cross-referencing H-D’s OEM part number—“tall” stands begin with prefix 50069- and stands with 50031-are for lowered bikes. Doesn’t really matter what the “dash number” is.

Tip #3—Tip #2… doesn’t really work for aftermarket stands! Their cross-references are wrong. Zodiac is believed to be the manufacturer of almost all of ’em regardless of the vendor and they make the tall one.

Tip# 4—Measurements and angles are useful but not proof, because (it seems) everybody measures differently. The best bet is to get a good side-by-side visual such as in this picture.

Tip #5—The leg is interchangeable with all years of FXR; the mounts fall into two groups: ‘82-’90 and ‘91-on (using two springs). The spring hook location might require a different spring from your original.

The kicker? Putting it on. Could take another minute or two. See ya then!



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