Women’s land speed record holder Leslie Porterfield held a fantastic grand opening party with a ribbon cutting at Inkling Studios near downtown Dallas; she opened the shop with her new husband Chris Clements. Featuring vintage motorcycles and tattoos, the shop pays homage to both of their loves and will soon be a must-stop destination for riders visiting town. Dallas city councilman Adam Medrano was on hand Friday, February 3, for the official ribbon cutting—the ribbon was artistically stretched between two motorcycles that Leslie had rebuilt. The councilman had a couple close calls as Chris got a little too lively with the Texas-sized ceremonial scissors and this made for some great photo ops. Rick Fairless of Strokers Dallas rode over on Sue, one of his raked-out custom builds, to enjoy the festivities. The next day saw a couple hundred fans of the legendary motoress as they all stopped by to enjoy the festivities of the Saturday open house. Leslie has some dynamic activities planned for the upcoming months and has some special plans in mind for the lady riders to bring more attention to this quickly growing segment of the biking world (www.LesliePorterfield.com)… Texas ABATE held their 24th Biker’s Ball on March 11 at the VFW Post 6111 in Arlington. A healthy crowd showed up for the live music, fun, and to support a great organization that works so hard for bikers’ rights (www.TexasABATE.com)… While thousands of bikers headed toward Daytona Beach for the official launch of the 2017 motorcycle season, dealerships across Texas were opting to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style with everything from organized rides to bikini bike washes to barbecue cookouts. Moto Liberty in Dallas offered up homemade corned beef sliders on March 17 while the riders down in Houston lined up at Mancuso H-D Central on March 18 for half-hour demo rides which also allowed them to score a $30 gift card… Texarkana H-D is now part of the Adam Smith family of dealerships (to be honest, the dealership’s former name of Whiskey River H-D was pretty cool). The dealership has a new sales manager by the name of Casey Mayfield; he’s pulling up stakes from the Dallas area to head northeast about 200 miles along with his young son Maddox. Casey is a full-time single father who is working hard to set a great example for his first grader so if you’re in the northeast corner of Texas, be sure to stop by the dealership and welcome Casey to the area (www.TexarkanaHarley.com)… On Sunday, March 26, the professional tourist/motorcycle nomad known as Bean’re, the Mayor of Fun, stopped by Strokers Dallas for a very rare Texas appearance with his partner in crime Tim Ford. This dynamic duo took off from Daytona Beach, Florida, the day after Bike Week ended and started out toward San Diego, California, dressed as the Blues Brothers and riding on 50cc Yamahas to raise money and awareness for the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation (www.AidanHasAPosse.org). With no support vehicle trailing them, Bean’re and Tom have had their hands full keeping up with repairing tires due to having to ride in the debris on the shoulder of the roads. Yet, amazingly enough, the boys were actually two days ahead of schedule when they rolled into Dallas. Be sure to keep up with the exploits of Bean’re at www.EverythingBeanre.com… Keep the shiny side up and I’ll see you next month!


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