The Northwest Classic Motorcycle Club of the Inland Northwest has only been around since the summer of ’87, but in that time they’ve grown steadily and have provided good examples that, while collecting vintage bikes is swell, the scoots are meant to be on the road. The club keeps things affordable with slight annual dues, and they manage to get a host of events off the ground with each passing season. I’ve mentioned them in the column here before for their annual Humane Society Swap Meet in Spokane, Washington, but they do plenty more than that. Their website well explains what the club is about, and a line that’s nothing but true therein is: “Motorcyclists are a sociable bunch who like to show off a bit!” May seem like stating the obvious but it made me smile. Founding members Don Evans, John Ellersick, Neil and Bonnie Cooper, Lee Olson, Steve Abbitt and Ade Ellersick got the ball rolling back in the day, and riders who came along after are a close-knit bunch. They unapologetically admit the glue that binds them together is the love of the bikes, the living history. And while that’s fine indeed, it’s also fun to kick up their heels some, and a biker rodeo is just the thing; spurs optional. So just a bit North of Deer Park, Washington, at the Clayton Fairgrounds located at 4616 Wallbridge Road, the camping weekend begins August 19, but anticipate a full day of fun, games, competition and trophies on Saturday, August 20. And then after a Saturday night of live music and hanging with friends new and old, camp breakdown is Sunday, August 21, all for a measly $10 admission. The Pro Moto Motorcycle Rodeo, billed as a “full-throttle cowboy-style motorcycle rodeo” is an AMA-sanctioned event. The NWCMC bike exhibit is not to be missed, nor are the 16 horseshoe pits, up from eight busy pits the last time around. The club welcomes your participation in rodeo games for an entry fee of $5 per event, but by taking part in all seven you can save yourself a fiver ($30 for the lot). There will be barrel racing, slow race solo, slow race tandem, pole bending, ball on a cone race, barrel roll and potato-in-a-haystack events. Live music Saturday, and of course, whistle-whetting in the beer garden. I’ve been to my share of motorcycle rodeos and they’re just plain fun to watch. The NWCMC membership have figured out that they can lure you in by reminding riders of the way you felt as a kid being around the sights, smells and sounds of a rodeo. And then, they up the ante with mention of some icons of motorcycling, McQueen leading that list, and On Any Sunday—in the video library of many. There’s free camping and showers included in the admission at the gate. If you have questions, Club President “Bootmaker” McGlasson will take a call at 509.294.1249 or you can reach him by e-mail at Grover is another who’ll steer you right and can be reached at 509.939.9911. Check the club out at… Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson in the Spokane Valley is to be home and base for the Pacific Northwest H.O.G. Rally beginning on Thursday August 25, running through Sunday morning breakfast by Black Sheep on August 28 this year. Greg and Beth Ernst deserve a helmet nod from all Inland Northwest riders for how integral a part of things they’ve become, having come on the scene only a decade ago. Today they own and operate dealerships in Lewiston, Missouri and in Spokane Valley. Highlights planned for this year include everything you’d expect, plus nearly a dozen rides, taking in Coeur d’Alene, Sandpoint, and Albeni Falls, and acquainting folks unfamiliar with the exceptional riding country in the Inland Empire. The musical lineup includes Donny Emerson and the Nancy Sophia Band, Whiskey Rebellion, Flat Blastard, and the Ryan Larsen Band—all aiming to please. Also expect some pretty great catering and lots of staff and volunteers that intend to make this a memorable weekend for all. Looking online at there really does seem to be something for everyone—even geocaching and s’mores by the campfire. Advance registration ended in early July, but you can still participate by offering up $90 at the gate on Cataldo in Spokane Valley. That cost per head includes your admission, entertainment and on Saturday, a “gourmet dinner.”


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