Summer doesn’t seem like it’s game-on until the first wienie, the first barbecue, the choke of smoke rising from a grill or open fire. So, any event that ends on the beach, with wienies and burgers (for your kind donation), well, who’d want to miss that? The trick with a lot of things that don’t grade as top dietary drawer, is to just enjoy them. Don’t think about what that cow or hog grazed on, or ponder the non-choice components/appendages that wind- up in the extruded meal. Just savor the badness and reflect fondly as the gift keeps on giving. That’s why there are Rolaids—buck up. The event of which I speak is the 39th annual Run to the Coast Poker Run, put on by the good folks of Josephine County ABATE, a chapter of ABATE of Oregon. On Saturday, August 5, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., expect a 10:00 a.m. sign-up at JD’s Sports Pub and Deli at 690 Redwood Highway in Grants Pass. A no-host breakfast menu or coffee can be purchased before the 11:00 take-off. Cost? $10 for the first hand and $5 for those thereafter. If you miss the JD start, sign-ups will also be accepted at Taylor’s Sausage House in Cave Junction (202 S. Redwood Highway). The first poker card will be drawn at the Sportsman Tavern in Cave Junction. This is a beautiful ride, two hours enjoying the road, friends and the Redwoods, and the prizes are solid with $200 best hand, $150 second best, $75 worst. 50/50 and drawings will occur at the ride’s end in Brookings. Questions can be phoned-in or e-mailed. Reach out to Spanky at 541.659.8715; Karen 541.660.8730 or I’m always happy to shine a light on what the Josephine County chapter of ABATE of Oregon is up to… ABATE of Oregon always seems to be busy, always working on motorcycle rights, rider safety, nudging riders to brush-up on their road skills. And ABATE focuses on non-rider awareness as well. The importance of ABATE’s goals hit close to home with a terrible collision in May; that month being Motorcycle Awareness month. A group of riders from the Gypsy Jokers motorcycle club and their passengers collided with a vehicle coming from the opposite direction on Oregon’s Highway 19. The riders were almost to their destination, the Fossil Oregon Campout at Bear Hollow Park when the driver of a car failed to negotiate a sharp turn, crossing the centerline and hitting the group of riders. Two men were killed and devastation was visited on so many more. In this rural area, five different medical air transports were called in, plus a crane. All emergency help from nearby towns converged on the scene. Two riders who survived lost a leg. Being 90 miles from the nearest trauma-centers, emergency responders were put to a horrific test to save lives. The weekend of the Fossil Campout will never again pass without remembering those senselessly lost and the survivors and loved ones whose lives have been forever changed by that day in May 2017. It reminds us all just how fragile life is… The Helena, Montana, Memorial Park at 1219 N. Last Chance Gulch in Helena is to be base camp for the Fourth annual Ride to Remember ( coming up the weekend of August 18–19. On Friday August 18 from 6:00–8:00 p.m., enjoy a barbecue (burgers and brats) by donation, and a bike show in the park. This is intended to be a coming-together/bonding event and the pre-registration welcoming riders from near and far for the 183 mile ride to be held from 9:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. the following day. The ride will begin after commemoration ceremonies in the park. Expect a police escort the entire ride, from Helena to West Yellowstone. That means no stopping for traffic lights, no stress as the route opens to riders. There will be planned stops for fuel, etc. along the way. Question? E-mail The event is hosted by the Montana POW/MIA Association who strive always to honor the 55 Montana soldiers among the broader POW/MIA population nationwide…


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