Geez, can you believe it’s August already? Did you know August is National Family Fun Month? A bunch of you are off for Sturgis, while a bunch of us out West have cool rides planned here on our home turf. I know, I know; we’ll be missing the touchy weather, the miles and miles of nothing but rabbits, deer and fields of corn, but we’ll muddle through with our bike nights and local events. And speaking of bike nights, check out bike nights ‘50s style at Frisco’s—it’s a cool diner in City of Industry and is a fun ride and evening with friends. Check them out on Thursdays!… And if you have time to wait, I can also recommend a trip down Memory Lane to Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor, which is making a comeback. I took a trip to the Rancho Cucamonga parlor for ice cream with my niece Norah last month. We had a great time and it was exactly like I remembered—very fun! There are now three of them in SoCal, with the other two up in Santa Clarita and another that just opened in Mission Viejo. Take your friends, kids or grandkids—you’ll have a good time; I promise! And I must say, it’s a good place to try as a Friday night ride destination. Just make sure you call ahead—they can have tables ready for you without having to brave the line out the door… Speaking of destinations, I see that Brad Wilson has one local event with his only SoCal appearance at Shoreline Village August 11. It’s a great ride down to Long Beach, and the always-sketchy parking is made far easier on your scoot, as there will be plenty of space … If you’re on active military duty, here’s a cool ride/drive for you—Disneyland is saluting all military personnel by offering three-day Park Hopper tickets for just $99 each through September 28, 2012. That’s a savings of 55 percent off the ticket booth price! Tickets may be purchased at the Disneyland ticket booth by presenting your military ID. And you can take a guest. Neat, huh? That’s all thanks to Joe Leal of the U.S. Army Reserve; he’s always got cool info for me!… Last month at my CREW meeting our fearless leader, Richard Hestlow, was planning on being out of town, so he invited the Ladies of CREW to run our business meeting. Christine Vanyo rounded us up and lots of us girls led a pretty cool (and definitely not boring) meeting. I was invited to chat up THUNDER PRESS, which you know I jumped on, and while I had the mic in my hand I also mentioned rider safety courses. Because I brought that up, I got a super e-mail from Mike Reich, telling me that he decided to heed my advice and he promptly attended Skip Fordyce’s Rider’s Edge skilled rider’s course at the Lake Perris Fairgrounds. I just have to quote Mike on this: “I was a little apprehensive, as I have never taken a formal rider’s course. As I watched the demonstrations of the exercises I thought to myself, I won’t be able to do that on my Ultra Classic. But to my amazement I was able to do them. The instructors, David and Rick, were the best. Very patient, supportive and helpful. They gave us plenty of time to repeat the exercises until we were able to do each one. Thank you for recommending this course, which I totally endorse.” Dang, Mike; I couldn’t have said it better. I missed my usual chance to bring this up back in Motorcycle Awareness Month in May, so I’m really happy to get the chance, courtesy of Mike!… Recommended by someone at a meeting the other night, check out Renegade Classics Outlet Store owned by Roxane and Cory Miller, located at 210 DuPont Circle in Corona, or call 951 340.9100… This is mostly for my chick friends, but for anyone that has a drawer full of broken necklaces and bracelets, here’s the place for you: The Raven & Pearl Beadsmiths. I sent owner Suzy Nellis a box full of my broken stuff that had accrued for several years a few months back. She had everything restrung beautifully in a week. I was so happy to see all my favorite jewelry back. Great job, super prices and very quick work. Send her an e-mail and look for details at… Sorry I missed this last month, Splatt, but congrats to you and Wild Child on the graduation of your foster daughter #6, Christine! You three deserve a lot of atta boys—er, girls. Well, you know what I mean!… Got a bunch of August birthday wishes; what the heck were all your parents doing in December? Happy birthday to former Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia, to Steve Mooney, Casey Isabelo, Max Simmons, Officer Gibby, Syd Levine and David Beach! Bryan “Hoot” Gibson has a birthday on July 30, Shelly Reese, August 20, Fred Burger August 31 and Vince White August 16. Hope your days are all fun and filled with good times, you guys!… For my friend Jeff “Reverend Leroy” up at ABC Auto Parts in San Francisco, I’m sending out condolences to the friends and family of his brother-in-law, Bob “Medicine Man” Wilson of the Ol’ Coots, Walnut Creek chapter… Allyson Smythe, glad you’re somewhat on the road to recovery. Keep up the hard work and know that we care about you!… Don Berry, glad to hear you’re feeling better after your recent back surgery. Looking forward to seeing you back on your scoot and riding with us; I know Sharron will be happy to be back up on two wheels, too!… Congrats to our own Cristy Pazera on the birth of her honorary “nephew” Corvin Aleksandr Edwards! Awww… That’s about it for August; you all have a good time on your ride to, and in, Sturgis. Keep your notes and e-mails coming—as always, you know what I want! Your well wishes, birthdays, anniversaries and biker-friendly shops. Anything you think your biker friends need to know about! Enjoy your ride!



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