Trees? Taz? Please contact me. I have lost touch with you, and it scares me… The 21st annual IHR campout was so much fun. Many, many thanks to Ed and Lori Linderman in Shingle Springs. It is because of their generosity that members of the IHR are able to get together and keep the friendships going. Can you imagine what it takes to have multitudes of people descend upon you for days each and every year for 21 years? The first few years, Ed and Lori’s property looked like a Harley parking lot in the middle of a tent city. There were at least 50 to 75 tents that had been hauled in on the backs of Harleys. Slowly but surely over the years, more trucks and fewer bikes have shown up, and slowly but surely more motorhomes and fewer tents have been brought in. While there are still a half dozen Harleys parked around, we were down to one tent this year. With the exception of Rod Colman in his tent, everyone else was either in a motorhome or inside the Linderman house. One thing that hasn’t changed except to get better and better is the food. Ed is a master chef, and the food is outrageously good. To everyone’s delight, Ed made his prize-winning chili verde for one dinner. On another evening, however, Ed checked on the brisket and found it had not cooked. He said, “After 21 years, we are going to have to call out for pizza!” Then he found some chicken, and in no time, we were served the best barbecued chicken I have ever eaten. Ride—Eat—Sleep—Repeat—Life is good!… Happy birthday to all riders who celebrate in November. Happy birthday to IHR members Jay Cuccarese in Salem, Oregon, to Gene “Taz” Thompson in Hidden Valley Lake and to Bob Moore in Gold Hill, Oregon. Happy birthday to Samuel Martinez in San Jose, to Debbie Downey in Sacramento, to Kathy Lukachinsky in Vacaville and to Rusty Barter in the Stockton H.O.G. Happy birthday to Dave Silva in Danville, to Chuck Matheson in Vacaville, to Toni Marshall in Vacaville and to Sam Fernandez, a member of ABATE 17 and Iron Steed H.O.G. in Vacaville. Happy birthday to a whole bunch of folks in Santa Cruz: Charles Atwater, Pete Gallager, Dennis Grazian, Bud Gussman, Lisa Racine Heekin, Terry Swinggi and Lompico Lyle, chairman of Monterey Bay Confederation of Clubs and founder of the Ghost Mountain Riders MC. Hey, Lyle. It has been a long time; I hope all is well. And, Pete! Happy birthday. Aren’t you glad to not be reading your obituary? Happy birthday to Joelene Downey in Midland, Oregon. Joelene, it has also been a long time since I have seen you. Call next time you are in this area. Happy birthday to celebrity rider Robert Patrick… This message is for Arnold Cain, a member of the Hot Chocolate Gang in Santa Nella. Arnold, thank you very much for the phone call. I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your friend and fellow gang member, Richard Barton. You, and all of his friends and family have my condolences. I so appreciate your letting me know… What the hell is going on? My mind cannot wrap around the wanton violence that is getting to be an everyday occurrence. Diana and Dale Visage were driving by D&S Harley-Davidson in Medford, Oregon, and Diana noticed that the plate glass windows and door were all broken out. Dwaine Schiffer was not happy with some work D&S had done on his bike, so he rode by the dealership, drew his gun cowboy style and shot out all the glass. He may have been unhappy with the work, but apparently his bike was running sufficiently to take him on his ride-by. Turned out Dwaine also shot parked cars and other buildings before he was taken into custody… Again, up in Truckee, an unidentified biker was shot off of his Harley as he was riding westbound on Highway 80. The witnesses said three bikers in black leather rode up on him and fired. He died at the scene. The CHP said the victim was a hang-around for the Vagos MC, but could not say that the shooting was gang related… And again, Steven Lascone of Natomas took a ride over to Yuba City to pick up parts for his bike. At an intersection in the middle of town, he was shot in the head. The bullet penetrated Steven’s full face helmet and put him in critical condition. He has survived, but there are no known motives and no known suspects… And yet again, in Castaic (about 40 miles from downtown Los Angeles) on southbound Interstate 5, a pickup truck deliberately rammed an LAPD motorcop. The truck pushed and rammed the bike for about a half a mile before the officer could ride across all lanes of traffic and get onto the shoulder. This was no mistaken identity. The on-duty, injured officer was in uniform and the bike was clearly an LAPD motorcycle. The officer was injured from the repeated rammings, but thankfully he was treated and released from the hospital. I repeat: What the hell is going on?


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