Please exercise caution when interpreting or applying what I am about to tell you. If you feel the need to carry a weapon while on a road trip (or any other time or circumstance), there are a few states wherein it is relatively easy to get a permit to carry either concealed or open. Arizona is the closest state to California that allows a person to openly carry without a permit, and also allows a person over the age of 21 to legally carry a concealed weapon without a permit, and although it is not required, Arizona will still issue permits. A permit is a good idea when traveling to other states with reciprocity CCW laws. Be aware: Over 25% of Arizona is tribal land and is ruled by tribal law. Tribal law may differ significantly from Arizona law. Aside from that, reciprocal right to carry agreements are fairly common. Arizona is the third state after Alaska and Virginia and followed by Wyoming with permissive right to carry concealed weapons laws, and each of these states has mail-in applications. For more information use “ask” to access how to apply for a concealed weapons permit for and fill in the state. I will tell you again that I am not an authority on this subject, and you are on your own if you apply for a permit… Happy birthday to IHR campers Marion and Mark Reinhardt of Placerville and Dave Laaksonen of Eugene, Oregon. This is our first year in a very long time that we haven’t gathered at the Linderman’s for a camp out over Labor Day. I will miss seeing everyone. Yo, Steve Fallon! Here we are again, and happy birthday to ya! In Santa Cruz, happy birthday to Peter Crowell, and in Watsonville, happy birthday to E Linderman. No. No relationship to the Lindermans’ of camp out fame. E is her own woman, and E, I hope you are doing well. ABATE Local #17 has a couple of birthdays this month. Happy birthday to Paula Machen McBride and also to Ron Vonsild. Ron is the person who got me to playing Texas Hold ’Em. Thanks, Ron. I am having a lot of fun at your tournaments. Happy birthday to Wayne Andlovec of San Gabriel H.O.G. and to Robert Allen in Glendale. Happy birthday to David Miller, President of American Legion Riders, Chapter 50, in Paso Robles, and David’s wife, Ann Miller, also has a birthday this month. Ann is the founder and past president of the American Legion Riders Auxiliary. Happy birthday to Kellen Yee. Kellen, it has been a while since you returned to California from Portland. Where do you park your motorcycle these days? Happy birthday to retired THUNDER PRESS Editor- in-Chief, Terry Roorda, and happy birthday to the current Editor-in-Chief for THUNDER PRESS, Marjorie “Shadow” Kleiman. Happy birthday to Karen Aldridge, co-manager of Jamestown Harley-Davidson. Happy birthday to celebrity riders Bill Murray, Keanu Reeves and Michael MadsenNicholas Brown was only 35 years old when he was killed while riding his motorcycle. It was very early in the morning (6:22 a.m. to be exact) on July 3, and Nick was commuting to work on Interstate 80. He was riding westbound near San Pablo when a semi made an unsafe lane change and hit him. The impact caused Nick to hit a car. He was thrown from his bike, and he died at the scene. The truck driver pulled over and stopped for about five minutes before taking off. The CHP describes the truck as having a yellow cab with a white trailer, and they describe the driver as a black adult male wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. Nicholas will be sorely missed by his family and many friends. He was a member of the Iron Workers MCThe ABATE #17 Bingo Run was such fun. The ride went from bar to bar, and as we went, the bingo winner kept collecting more and more cash. The amount of the prize is determined by the number of $5 cards sold. And our numbers caller, Glenn Phillips, got happier and happier. Do you suppose it had something to do with riding bar to bar? I didn’t bingo even once, but it was a hoot trying… Sheryl Graves from Vacaville was riding on the bingo event. Congratulations, Sheryl. This was her first time back in the saddle after recovering from a torn shoulder… It was also good to see Sam Fernandez back on a bike. He is just out of an arm sling recovering from shoulder surgery. What is it with these shoulder injuries?… Get well wishes go to Linda Hines of Vacaville. Hubby Bill was at the bingo run, and he said that Linda was in ICU with a distressed breathing problem. Their daughter, Carrie, was with Linda, and I think Bill spent most of his time either talking to Carrie or worrying. I hope all is well now and that Linda is back home… I am inviting you to have a real Harley-Davidson experience. Ride over to Fresno and take in Mathews Harley-Davidson on Blackstone Avenue. This is a family-run dealership with never-ending activities. Take a look in the THUNDER PRESS Event Calendar. Mathews H-D offers a tidal wave of rides, and their building is fairly new and bright. Check them out at and/or give them a call at 559.233.5279. From Highway 99, take Highway 180 east, and exit at 5B. You will be glad you did.


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