Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all of you, my brothers and sisters, and I hope your coming year will be filled with nothing but great adventures on your two-wheeled journeys… Just a shout out to Arnie Arnold down there in New Mexico who just happened to get a copy of THUNDER PRESS with my article in it. We talked for at least 45 minutes, and he let me know that they do lots of riding down there, so don’t forget about beautiful New Mexico when you plan your vacation. Our conversation must have motivated him, as he said, “You got me all revved up to go riding now, Fred.” Hey Arnie! Wanna cover New Mexico for THUNDER PRESS? Just let us know… What a happy reunion for Donald DeVault, 73, of Omaha, Nebraska, who had his 1953 Triumph Tiger 100 returned to him after 46 years! It was stolen in February 1967 from his backyard. The motorcycle, worth $300 then and $9,000 now, was found at the Port of Los Angeles on its way to Japan. First thing he did was take his motorcycle for a ride, and the second was have a friend paint the name “Li’l Blue Bitch” on the side of the gas tank just like it was when it was taken… Jim and Jill Entenman, owners of J&L Harley-Davidson in Sioux Falls, SoDak, and Glacial Lakes Harley-Davidson in Watertown, SoDak, have expanded their business into NoDak by purchasing Fargo Harley-Davidson in West Fargo. They will be leasing the current dealership until they construct a new dealership that is scheduled to open in May 2016. I have always liked to stop there on the way to Sturgis, as they are so friendly and helpful… There’s a new show coming to town! The town of Blaine, Minnesota, that is. The 2014 Motorcycle Life Expo will take place February 15–16 at the National Sports Center in Blaine. The Expo, sponsored by Dennis Kirk among others, will feature touring companies, customizers, gear and all sorts of other goodies for the motorcycle-riding lifestyle. And there will be special celebrity appearances by Michele Smith, former host of American Thunder and Two Wheel Thunder, Mikey Teutul, formerly of American Chopper and KQRS host Brian Zepp. This could be just the ticket to kick off the spring riding season… An unidentified biker, I’ll call him “Bubba,” in Monticello, Arkansas, received a call from Jason Beckwith, the service manager at Lander Harley-Davidson in Little Rock, informing him of a service recall on his 2014 Harley Tri Glide, saying he would send a truck to pick it up on October 24. Bubba said OK and if he wasn’t home he would leave the key in the scoot. On October 19 Bubba noticed his hog was gone and figured the dealership came and got it early. On October 23 Jason called Bubba to remind him that he was sending a trailer out to pick up his ride in the morning of the 24th, and that’s when Bubba realized he had been ripped off. Damn, Bubba, I hope you got good insurance; don’t tell them ya left the key in it… Murray City Police Chief Christopher Bishop has pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges of obstructing official business. Bishop, 37, bought a motorcycle that had belonged to a biker that was found dead under his front porch in Glouster, Ohio. Seems Bishop bought the bike from the dead guy’s son. The son was charged in the killing of his father and for stealing the motorcycle. Prosecutor Keller Blackburn has worked out a deal where Bishop will testify against the son and go through a diversion program. LOL… After 37 years and over 80,000 students, the Motorcycle Safety Program at Illinois State University in Normal has come to an end. Due to a tight economy, and the fact that the state grant leaves them a little short on funds, they have to shut the program down. Rumor has it that the University of Illinois in Bloomington will partner with the Illinois Department of Transportation and offer the classes in the spring… Scott Long of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, is probably lucky he isn’t pushing up daisies these days. He pulled into Mustang Shelly’s Roadhouse in New Berlin and crashed his vehicle into one of the Harley-Davidsons that was parked out front. Instead of cracking his noggin, the bikers took his keys and detained him for the boys in blue. He admitted bumping the motorcycle, which had scuff marks and a severely bent mirror and kickstand, but didn’t think he damaged it and said that the bikers were “being mean to me.” LMAO. Not to worry about Scott anymore, folks; he was charged with his sixth OWI and obstructing an officer. He has a great parking spot now for the next three years… When I took a job as an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, I figured, what could be better than selling firearms and hanging around a range all day? What kind of trouble could I possibly get into? How about dead! People shooting at the walls, pointing guns at you, jamming up their pieces, walking around with loaded guns asking for advice. NOT. So I have found a new career: the casino. What kind of trouble can I possibly get into? Gambling, alcohol, women; shit! What was I thinking? Oh well; I ain’t getting any younger… That’s it for this month; it’s all about you, the Midwest biker. Ride fast, but ride safe.



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