Hi Felicia … It’s been a while since we last exchanged emails … Been over two years based on our e-mail history below! Where has the time gone huh? As I recall the last time we chatted you wanted to interview Earl who has since stopped riding (he is 93 now I believe). He quit riding at the end of 2014, he said people in cars are just too crazy as they fail to look out for motorcyclists. You said the next time you are in the Los Angeles area you would contact me so we can arrange a meeting with Earl.

You can’t wait too much longer as he has been having some health issues. He is now blind in one eye and has a few ailments which I believe are stroke related. He is fully cognizant and his head is clear with no impairment that I could tell anyways. With that said if you do ever come out (he lives in Venice, California) let me know and we can all meet with him. He does have a tendency to ramble on a bit so be prepared. LOL!

If you scroll down the prior e-mails you can see they just mentioned him briefly in Thunder Press which was corrected as the article got his involvement with the Boozefighter’s confused.

Anyways hope all is well. Give me a shout the next time you are in town.

P.S. Love your last story in Free Range (June, 2016)!

Thanks for touching base, Alan, and for the update. I won’t be in SoCal until late fall and hope to meet Earl then, but as for rambling, no worries. Nothing better than being given the opportunity to share someone’s memories. Please give him my best wishes for better health, and please keep me posted

—Felicia Morgan


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