Hi, Ernie. Please accept my sympathies on the loss of your parents. What an emotional road to go down. Your November article shows the love and respect you have for them. Like many that read THUNDER PRESS, I can relate to your stories. My dad started me off showing how to build wooden go-karts with Briggs and Stratton engines. He saw my determination and the desire to do better, so he built me a metal one.

Next was the mini-bike that he would “steal” when I was pre-occupied. Forward to the Honda 50 that we tore apart on the pool table, to replace the shifter forks. Next to the huge argument that he and my mom had when he skipped work on a Saturday to purchase a Honda 90 from a suburb far south of our home in Chicago. That was the passion he instilled in me to go on to purchase a new Honda CB 350, then on to my new Sportster, and now to my current Sportster that my wife bought for me as a present 12 years ago.

At my dad’s funeral, I had the pastor read a letter I had written to thank my dad for all he had done and means to me, as there was no way I could have read it to the congregation. You wrote down some great times with your late parents. Cherish them forever. I hope you continue your column, as it is always a great read.

Again, my sympathies.

Sincerely, Steve Pollak


Hi, Steve. I appreciate hearing from you. It sounds like we grew up much the same. I’d forgotten about our “wooden go-kart” phase! We built one of ours while Baltimore was in the series. Back then, you listened to the series regardless of who was in it. That cart featured rope steering. I miss Mom and Dad every day and am thankful for the great parents they were to my big sister and me.

Thanks again,


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