Hi Sam,

I love your stories in THUNDER PRESS! Your recent “Boarding House” story seemed to end abrubtly on page 18. There was no end of story watermark at the end, and I could not find any remaining portions in the latter pages.

If that was the end on page 18, I guess it still works. Great story! Love your patriotic tones of yesteryear, when integrity and love of country were more common. Keep up the great work!!


Gregg Tomchick
Anaheim, CA



The story is about a young man working in a defense plant during WWII.  Of course there is more.  But for this column, “Almost Fiction” I have a word count to maintain and this is just one chapter from a book I hope to get published one day.

Thanks for your kind comments.

Slippery Sam.

Dear Kip;

I was really getting into the idea of installing the Intelajet on my S&S Super G carburetor. So I went onto their website to look for installation instructions/catalogs or anything that would let me know what I might be getting into. I even called them back in Minnesota and talked to the owner (great guy). Come to find out that he was/is blind-sided by the interest in your peace on them. They have nothing that might help me out to install it on my own. One thing I did find out was that—” NOT legal for sale in California on pollution controlled motor vehicles or in other states where similar laws apply.” This was the end of our conversation…



First…I’ve just gotta use a quote: “Rules are for the interpretation of wise men and the obedience of fools.”—Colin Chapman

Meaning… only a blind bureaucracy would include any item not “approved” for use on pollution controlled motor vehicles… as banned. The Intelajet actually improves fuel efficiency and emissions, especially on a (none-too-legal in the first place) aftermarket carb like your S&S Super G. 

The fact that it’s not approved has more to do with deep pockets than efficacy… small companies cannot afford the certification process….or the lobbyists. (It’s no accident that The Motor Company only offers “legal” hop-up parts these days, and innovative aftermarket companies suffer from stupid all-encompassing restrictions.)

You want an Intelejet, you play the game, by filling out the consumer disclaimer on the Thunder Products website or involving a friend who lives in a different state… or shopping for one on your next out-of-state vacation.

Second… though they aren’t now, Lonn will fix that at some point in the near future, as he scrambles to improve his products and service for the Harley crowd. In the meantime, cut him a little slack and send me an email for a copy at motorheadmemo@gmail.com. Remember, good things come to those who wait!

Last…with that in mind, be sure to read the future Motorhead Memo that is all about how to install an Intelajet on an S&S carb!

Hang in…it’s worth it.



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