Thank you very much for the article on FXRs. It was very informative. I am the proud second owner of a 1985 FXRC, #845 of 1075. It is with me for life. I just bought a very nice 2011 FLHX Street Glide, but the FXRS stays with me. Thanks again.


That “for life” thing seems to be a constant with FXRs… doesn’t it? I’ve often said, “I’ll own motorcycles in addition to—but never instead of—my FXR. (One candidate for “addition” is a 2018 Fat Bob 114, BTW. Although my “FiXeR” is still 100 pounds lighter.)

Also…  Shadow just won a show award with her Shovelhead FXR. Doubt she’ll let hers go either!

They are contemporary classics and approaching legendary status for sure!

Glad you liked the article and glad you love your FXR. Take care…



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