Best trip I have ever related to is Cuba by Greg Johnson. I’m 60 and all my adult life I have been told I can’t go to Cuba. I’m going and want to do the exact ride that Greg rode. Can I get info on how to contact Luis Enrique?

—Craig Gray

Thanks a bunch, Craig, for the kind words. It truly was an epic trip into a culture mostly untainted by our everyday world. Luis was our Cuba motorcycle guide. The tour was arranged by a company called MotoDiscovery. They conduct tours all over the world but in my opinion are Cuba experts because of the number of tours they have conducted there. The owner’s name is Skip and he would be happy to help you. Don’t be shy about mentioning that you heard about the tour in THUNDER PRESS! 

Also, watch for Part 2 of the tour in the July issue. Read Part 1 here.

—Greg Johnson


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