Felicia Morgan: I really appreciate your articles on and about riding in Arizona. I’ve traveled a bit in my days (they aren’t over yet!) and have been through some beautiful and fun parts of our country. You’ve inspired me to check out Arizona when I’m up and rollin’ (soon). Arizona will definitely be a destination thanks to your exploring and reporting.

I don’t do computers but have a wall of postcards. I know—they’re becoming obsolete—a tradition I miss.

If you feel inclined to send along some of your travels it would be awesome. Love your style of writing and riding.

Madeline Hamb, Alleghany, CA

I have to agree about the handwritten notes, Madeline. My cousin and I have corresponded via snail mail since we were young and still do today, though less often as I travel since I’m rarely near a mailbox and she has no way of tracking me down. I have your address with me and will make a point of trying to drop a line on occasion. One can never have too many postcards. Hope to meet you on the road someday.


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