Hello Felicia,

Another great article! Look forward to your road tales every month and had no idea you had been so affiliated with such a cool motorcycle ride across the U.S. I may have saw you when they rolled through in 2016 at Powder Keg H-D in Mason, Ohio, on your dresser? Anyways keep up the great work you have another fan here in Kentucky.

Ride safe, ride on,

Well, thanks for the note, Joe, and thanks so much for following along on my adventures! Yes, I’m sure you did see me at the Powder Keg dealership. What a cool place that is, huh? And everyone was so nice! But no, I wasn’t on my bike. I was a passenger on Joe Sparrow’s famous 500,000-miles-plus Gold Wing because it’s easier to take photos from a pillion pad. I blog daily for the Cannonball and you can find those shots and updates during the run on both the THUNDER PRESS website and at www.motorcyclecannonball.com 

Our next run will be September of 2018 and we’ll ride from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon so be sure to come see us! 

Hope meet you out there, Joe!

All the best,



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