Hey Marjorie,

I make it a policy to read every THUNDER PRESS  from cover to cover and your Sturgis Bound column in the August 2016 issue caught my attention with your reference to the Blue Highway Motorcycle Lodge. This got me wondering what routes you take to Sturgis as I assumed you’d take the interstate superslab system, but Hillsboro is a bit of a deviation from the interstate! So I checked out your stops and for the most part you do follow the interstates so I’m curious how did you manage to come up with a stopover in Hillsboro, Wisconsin, and what route you take through that area of the state?

Hillsboro is Czech country so hope you take the opportunity to sample some great Czech food while there. My wife and I are both Czech and we ride up for their Czech festival and the food is FANTASTIC!

We live right off the Interstate so you’ll be passing by us and it’s always fun to observe the cycles heading to and from Sturgis and maybe we’ve seen you whiz by. We’ve done the “major” rallies, including Sturgis, and now concentrate on taking in “smaller” rallies around the country because as they say, “so many rallies, so little time!”

Hey, enjoy the ride…



It’s true that a good amount of my travel takes place on interstates, necessitated only by tight schedules and not by choice. Generally I try to get from my home in Jersey to the Midwest as quickly as possible, leaving a little more time to enjoy traversing the back roads of whichever states I choose to ride through. Dan and Brandy, proprietors of Blue Highway Motorcycle Lodge, have set up a booth at the Donnie Smith Bike Show, and I consider them friends, stopping at their lovely retreat whenever time permits. I like to ride through Wildcat Mountain State Park, and I usually find myself on Routes 82 and 33, both of which I enjoy for their slower pace. I have also dined at a few restaurants in the Hillsboro region, but I don’t believe I’ve partaken of any Czech delicacies while I was there, since I’m not in the area during the Czech festival. I would welcome your dining suggestions, and maybe I can meet up with you and your wife when I’m passing through. After all, I’m a quarter Czech myself!



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