Mongo: Just saw the article you did about the Black Widows Poker Run last year, I didn’t see it because it wasn’t in the November issue and the next two months the store was out of them! I did the calendar last week and spoke with Hannah and she forwarded it to me. Wow what a great article and photos, we would like to thank you for such a great job covering our event. Send me your contact info, I want to mail you an appreciation plaque. Think you may cover it again or someone else? Would love to have you Thunder Press there for our 20th anniversary. If you have other photos from the event is it possible to send copies to us by e-mail. Do you have a Facebook? If so what’s it under or hit me up and like our Black Widows Inc. page on Facebook. Look forward to your response. Thank you again, from all of us at Black Widows Inc.

—Jamey Ray Dobbs, President of Black Widows, Inc.


Jamey: Thanks, bro. It was my pleasure to report on such noble and worthy cause that the Black Widows do for those kids. I had an awesome time on the run through the Delta, and that was the first time I did the ferry crossing in all my years of riding the river roads. It was a very good route with lots of cool scenery, historic stops, and the dinner at Diamond Jim’s was top notch. Looking forward to the 2016 version.


Check out Mongos coverage in the November 2016  West issue.


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