Hey Sam,

If any of your travels brings you in the vicinity of Kansas City, we have an available room, bed, and bath. Or you can set up your tent in our yard. Or I could just share some touristy information. I’ve only toured through 41 states, a few Canadian Provinces, and a few Mexican border towns. However, I am pretty familiar with Missouri, the Show Me State, and home of Mark Twain.

Michael “100 Mile Mike” Mihalevich


Thanks for the invitation and I very well might make use of it. Missouri is famous for great roads with places to camp and fish and with you as a tour guide to point out the high spots … who knows.
Interestingly you mention Mark Twain. I am currently re-reading and re-enjoying “Roughing It.”

Thanks for taking the time to read “Almost Fiction” and sending your comments.

—Sam Jones


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