Good day, Ms. Kleiman (Shadow—trying to be formal):

I am a 63-year-old person who is retiring soon after 45 years of working. I have been a mechanic since I was a young boy. My question to you is if your magazine places cigarette ads. I get urges to smoke again when I see cigarette ads. I borrow your monthly issue from a co-worker and it seems to make its way to my home forever. Therefore I want to subscribe to your magazine. I hope you can help me with this answer. I love this paper.

Michael Salsano

Michael, I’m glad you’ve been enjoying your borrowed copies of Thunder Press and that you’d like to to have your own subscription. To subscribe, you can go to, or just call 763.383.4491. In response to your question, as of this writing, there are no cigarette ads in THUNDER PRESS, nor do we currently pursue them.



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