Hi Felicia. Thanks for the stories and the great photos. If I read right. It sounded like you are going to Mama Tried in Milwaukee. If you are riding and need a place to stay or warm up. I live in a little farm town, in an old house that use to be a guest house on the old Lincoln Highway. My girlfriend and I would welcome you, if the weather is crappy or real cold. It’s a crap shoot, this time of year. I have a shop if you need anything. I’m into antiques, and was a service manager/service writer/tech at a dealership. I’m sure you have tons of friends all over, but wanted to at least offer my place if you need it.

Your most humble servant,

Oh, Joe… how very thoughtful! Thank you so much for your considerate invitation! For this trip, however, I am flying in. I save my riding trips to Milwaukee for the summer, usually after Sturgis… maybe we can meet up then!



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