Hey Felicia, how ya doin’? Thought I would drop you a line again, as I am still waiting for that visit to my office (Starbucks in Sunset Beach, California) right on PCH in Huntington Beach, CA. Wrote you after my trip last year, mentioned I just got back from East Coast. Well, just returned last week from trip back east again. This trip was great. Started with Dale Walkser’s Wheels Through Time in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, ever been there? Worth the trip, very nice man, great museum. Kept telling everyone I rode from California to see his museum so he gave me a personal tour, it was Memorial weekend and free shirt. Then on to visit family North and South Carolina then down to Daytona, Florida to a cousin’s house. Picked up other riders and headed to Key West, Florida. A few days there, split with other family riders headed to Tampa. Serviced bike, stayed a bit at cuz’s house then heading back thru New Orleans for a few days then home. Lots of heat and rain on I-40 East and ton of rain and heat again on I-10, road construction on both as well, which made traffic so found myself on a lot of secondary roads. I share this with you again, only cause waiting for your visit to SoCal. As I told you last letter, I’m buying the coffee.

P.S. Turned 81 last Valentine’s Day. Shhhhush… don’t share that with anyone OK? You will ruin my dating chances, don’t feel that age, don’t look it. Well as usual, just caught up on your articles, so thought I would write you. Always enjoy your stories, I could share some of mine. Stay well, ride safe.

—Brklyn Lee, Sunset Beach, CA

Wow, Lee, you sure do get around… not sure I could keep up with you! Yes, I’ve been to Wheels Through Time and agree, great man and museum. Glad you enjoyed your trip. As for coffee, you need to shoot me a phone number so I can let you know when I’m in your ‘hood. Should be late fall or maybe December before I’m through SoCal. Meanwhile, thanks for checking in and you be safe out there! 

—Felicia Morgan



  1. Felicia,Felicia, your articles great, very insightful always save your article for last. Please be safe on your trips, especially in this L.A./ orange county area which i’m sure your familiar with. your friend Brklyn Lee ,looking forward to our coffee meet


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