Cheater .50, $99.95

Cheater .75, $130.00

Black Brand Motorcycle Clothing 

The Black Brand line of Cheater Helmets derives their name due to their overall size—the smallest DOT-certified helmets currently available. This is accomplished by the blending of several new technologies.

First, two independent foam layers consisting of interlocking pyramids are fused to form what the company refers to (tongue-in-cheek) as their Conehead Technology. The outer foam layer which lines the fiberglass shell is high density while the foam against your skull is made of low-density material. In the event of an accident, upon impact the force pushing towards the head causes the upper points of the low-density cones to compress creating lateral forces spreading sideways through the high-density outer material. The impact energy is absorbed by this lateral motion. At the same time, the skull is traveling the opposite direction compressing the bases of the lower-density cones and slowing the accelerating head. The result is a lower G-force experience. This technology is not exclusive in the industry, being similar to that used by modern-day fighter pilots but incorporated here for the first time in a motorcycle helmet.

The Conehead Technology is then combined with a process known as Composition Fusion Plus by Kali. This is where the foam liners are directly injected into the fiberglass shell of each helmet fusing the two structures together and eliminating any gaps between the foam and shell. Kali is the only company in motorsports that can accomplish this in-molded procedure. With the two materials working in unison, Black Brand is capable of producing a thinner shell with softer foam. And while this flies in the face of age-old helmet design, a thinner shell actually allows the impact force to reach the foam quicker and begin dissipating the energy more efficiently.

The final feature in the development of the smallest DOT-certified helmet ever is the use of multiple shell sizes. While many helmet manufacturers use only one- or two-size shells and make adjustments in sizing by manipulating the foam thickness, Black Brand has specific shells for each size. The result? No more “mushroom head”—a definite fashion improvement.

Both the .50 (half helmet) and the .75 (3/4 helmet) come with a removable short-brim visor that can be replaced with a standard three-snap flat or bubble face shield. Both versions come in either matte black, gloss black or white with sizing running from XS–3XL. Each helmet is also supplied with a nifty branded tote bag to keep it scuff free.

My .50 Cheater is the lowest profile and lightest half-helmet I’ve ever used. Finally a helmet I’m not embarrassed to be seen in, the Cheater is also comfortable with minimal wind buffeting due to its design. High tech never looked so good.


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