Choosing a suitable riding boot starts with ticking off the various desirable properties found on the myriad of possibilities and then deciding which of those properties are your priorities in customary use. Put succinctly, those properties include an appealing appearance, comfortable fit, rugged abrasion resistance, weather protection—particularly warmth and waterproofing—and surefooted traction for grip on the footboards and confident trekking about when off the bike.

For the most part, there’s a trade-off between those various attributes among various models, and it’s a rare pair that serves all of those ends even moderately well. It’s even rarer to find a boot that does it all exceptionally well.

The Lynx boots from Harley-Davidson Footwear do just that.

Harley-Davidson Lynx riding boots
Harley-Davidson Lynx riding boots

At a height of eight inches, the full-grain leather and mesh uppers of the Lynx provide excellent over-the-ankle coverage, and the full-length sock lining pampers your feet all day long. A Hydro-Guard waterproof membrane offer an outstanding seal against the rain and pavement spatter—not that much is likely to penetrate that far.

The cemented welt construction eliminates the seam that is so often a moisture trouble spot, and the full overlap of the boot’s Vibram sole makes it water impervious. It looks good, too.

Full seamless inner baffles beneath the lacing and side zipper close the deal, and an additional Velcro-secured outer panel adds a second layer of protection to the zipper.

The only drawback to this boot’s design is the use of closed lace eyelets on the ankle portion of the boot instead of the quick-lace open eyelets you’re familiar with in tall boots. The reason this is a drawback is because with all of those sealed baffle panels, slipping the boot on and off requires more than merely unzipping it—you need to loosen the top laces as well—at least if, like me, you wear a size 14.

It’s a minor quibble for sure, and I should be thankful they even have this fine boot in my size—most of the company’s styles don’t run that large, topping out at 13.

Once installed on your dogs, the Lynx boots are sigh-inducing in their comfort, and have a good deal of flex for the amount of protection they bring to the game. Even planted on the footboards of rigid-mount Big Twins, the Vibram soles stick like a tree frog, the vibration powerless to shimmy them around or shake them off.

After a long riding season in these kicks, I have nothing but good things to say about them, and have yet to experience the least bit of water intrusion regardless of conditions.

Harley-Davidson Footwear
MSRP: $168


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