I’m not one of those gals who owns a lot of kicks. Consequently, the footwear that I do own has to be resilient and sturdy, and the handcrafted line of Made in America Justin work boots fills the bill perfectly. I’ve been wearing a pair of the 11″ Cowboy boots, Gypsy style, for several months now. They’re both steel toed and waterproof— though I originally found myself highly skeptical about the “waterproof” part. I’ve heard that line before when buying boots and always found myself miserable once I discovered differently.

In the case of the Justin boots, I was pleasantly surprised when I found my socks nice and dry after being caught in an unexpected deluge miles from civilization. The steel toes mean that even after a long day of shifting gears through the twisties, there’s none of that tender-tootsie stuff that I used to get across the top of my toes with my last pair of boots.

This broad, square-toe, solid work boot is somewhat heavier than most women’s styles and took some getting used to. The Gypsy style proved to run large, requiring a smaller size than I typically wear, and the break-in period was painless due to the J-Flex flexible insert. Considering I wear these boots everyday, comfort is a priority, but the fact that these fancy-stitched boots still look nice enough to go dancing in even after a daily beating on the road is a nice bonus.




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