MILWAUKEE, WI.—Harley-Davidson takes fit further with the 2015 Electra Glide Ultra Classic Low and Ultra Limited Low motorcycles, new models that offer the lowest seat height and the highest rider confidence available in a premium touring bike. The seat is slammed to get a rider’s feet closer to the pavement, but that’s just one of the ergonomic enhancements built into these new Low models that offer more freedom to more riders, right off the showroom floor.

From the width of the primary drive housing to the diameter of the hand grips, Harley-Davidson went over its premium Touring motorcycles from top to bottom, responding to customer input to develop a better fit for riders as short as 5’5″ inches tall. Visually indistinguishable from standard Harley-Davidson Touring models, the new Ultra Classic Low and Ultra Limited Low are also equipped with the full complement of Project RUSHMORE features that have recalibrated the expectations of touring motorcyclists. The look, sound and feel of the premium Harley-Davidson Touring experience is unaltered, but the fit will be right for more riders.

“With these new models we are addressing the important issue of fit, perhaps the ultimate expression of personalization,” said Michelle Kumbier, Harley-Davidson senior vice president of Motorcycle Operations. “These Low models will allow many riders to feel more comfortable and more confident when they settle into the seat.”

The Ultra Classic Low and Ultra Limited Low share a package of features designed to work together to address comfort and fit issues specific to riders of shorter stature.

  • A seat height of 25.6 inches—1.7 inches lower than the Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic model and the lowest of any premium touring motorcycle on the market today—allows more riders to place both feet flat on the ground when the motorcycle is stopped. A new low-profile seat reduces the reach to the foot controls. Premium front and rear suspension lowers the bike’s center of gravity and makes it easier to lift the motorcycle off its side stand, yet delivers outstanding comfort and handling.
  • The width of both the primary drive housing and derby cover has been reduced to further improve leg clearance to the ground.
  • A new handlebar places the hand controls two inches closer to the rider, putting many riders in a more comfortable position that can reduce back and shoulder strain.
  • Smaller-diameter hand grips reduce finger reach to the brake and clutch levers.
  • Assist and Slip hydraulic clutch reduces lever effort, a key benefit in stop-and-go traffic.
  • A new passenger footboard mount allows the footboards to be folded up out of the way when pushing the motorcycle in a garage or driveway.
  • A new toe tab extension reduces foot reach required to retract the side stand.

The 2015 Electra Glide Ultra Classic Low sets the standard for long-haul touring comfort and convenience. The High Output Twin Cam 103 engine provides abundant power for touring two-up and confident passing. A wind tunnel-tested Batwing fairing with splitstream vent limits head buffeting. The Boom! Box 4.3 audio system features Bluetooth capability and a 25-watt-per-channel amplifier driving four speakers. A King Tour-Pak carrier and hard saddlebags with One-Touch latches, Reflex linked brakes with Anti-lock Braking System, Daymaker L.E.D. lighting, electronic cruise control, and the H-D Smart Security System are standard features.

The 2015 Ultra Limited Low redefines touring motorcycle refinement. The Twin-Cooled High Output Twin Cam 103 engine delivers steady performance in any riding situation. A Touch screen and GPS navigation are features of the 100-watt Boom! Box 6.5GT infotainment system. Contrast chrome Impeller cast-aluminum wheels, rich two-tone paint schemes, a premium Tour-Pak luggage rack, premium saddlebag travel bags and a premium Tour-Pak travel-pak are among the deluxe features of the Ultra Limited Low.


  1. Harley is way out front of any competition in the Touring bike sector with not only their existing FLH line up, but these two new Low models seal the deal. Fantastic Motorcycles!

  2. Harley hits one out of the Park with these two bikes, gonna open up sales of full featured touring bikes for the thousands of men & WOMEN under 5’10 (especially those of the riding population under 5’8″. Just one of the many reasons we live Harley, cause they’re thinking about us!

    • Absolutely love my Classic Low, started with ’88 Low Rider, later to ’06 Wide Glide, ride got better. But the ride and my confidence is unbeaten now with the full touring bike and my 2015 Ultra Low Classic. Will be on this beauty for a long while. Thank you for making it fit me.

  3. Just bought a 2015 ultra limited low. It does not have heated grips. Aren’t they supposed to be standard? Water cooled

      • I’m looking for heated hand grips that keep the smaller diameter of the stock Ultra Limited Low. Everything I’ve been finding seems to be bigger. Is there something that slips under the stock grips?

  4. I stared on a 2011 sportster 48, bought a dyna low rider and fell in love with the comfort. Traded the sporty in for a 2015 softtail deluxe without knowing about the low rider. So I drive the softtail for two months and traded it in for an ultra limited low. I’m a female 5’6″ and feel totally in control of this bike. I’m beyond happy with this bike and won’t need to upgrade for a long long time!

  5. I just purchased the Ultra Limited Low and I love it. I am 6’0 tall and it still fits me. I’ve been through a lot of bikes, but this one is the best I have ever ridden on. Give one a try……………….

  6. I bought a 2015 Limited Low during bike week, largely from an initial experience of just swinging my leg over the bike. In over 30 years of riding this is simply the best bike I have ever owned. At 5″9 and a 30″ inseam, I have had to lower every touring bike I’ve ever owned. The Low on the other hand comes lowered already for me. The narrow primary is genius as I can now for the first time ever, get my entire foot on the brake pedal. The pull back handlebars are a must item for me and they come standard as well. Finally, the passenger foot rest – a small deal, but for short guys like me every time I back the bike up, I mash my leg on them. Not on the Low. The smaller, well positioned foot pegs are not in the way at all. This bike fits me better than anything I have ever owned. I LOVE this bike!

  7. I bought a new 2015 or year ago in June it’s got 7200 miles and for the life of me I don’t understand why but my ass hurts so bad after two hours of riding I got to get off and I’m looking to buy A new seat I’ve talked to several Harley dealers and they say that I’m not the only one that has this problem they told me the fix is a new seat does anybody else have that same issue I have been riding Harleys for 35 years never had this happen before

  8. I got a 2015 ultra classic low I have 7200 miles on it and I cannot ride that bike more than two hours and my ass hurts so bad I got to get off I’ve talked to several Harley dealerships they tell me that I am not the only one with that problem and The only fix is to buy a new seat I have been riding 35 years never ever ever ever had a problem with a sore ass does anybody else have the same issue with the seat

  9. We bought this bike and have had problems with the seat also. It’s a touring bike and the seat is not vented to allow rain water to find its way out of the seat. He’s an all weather rider, so the bike gets rained on often. Then if the weather drops below freezing, the seat gets hard as a rock, anyone else have this problem?


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