The revolutionary CHM-1 Low Profile Helmet from Kirsh is poised to completely upend helmet technology as it currently exists. Utilizing the company’s patented fluid-displacement-liner (FDL), the CHM-1 measures a mere ½″ thick, making it the lowest-profile half-shell helmet on the market. Forsaking age-old thinking of more foam makes for a better helmet, the FDL uses silicone and fluid that mimics the body’s natural protective functions, your brain floating in liquid inside your skull. It allows for less mass (reducing impact torque) while the fluid buffer more effectively protects the skull and brain. An additional compelling feature of the CHM-1 is its ability to sustain multiple impacts without compromising its integrity. DOT-approved and available in gloss and matte black, red, white, silver, green, blue and graphite, the Kirsh CHM-1 carries a price tag of $245.

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