Many a relationship has been jeopardized when a husband has been caught scrubbing greasy motorcycle parts in the kitchen sink. In an effort to save marriages across America, BikeMaster has just released their new Parts Washer for the DIY home mechanic. Measuring 20” wide, 18” deep and 10” in height, the Parts Washer is compatible with all commercial cleaning products (do not use gasoline, paint thinner or any flammable product) and holds 20 liters (a little more than 5 gallons). It has a 32” flexible hose with a cleaning brush affixed to the nozzle end, while the submersible pump uses a filter to keep all the nasty stuff inside the tank. The bucket compartment is lightweight, corrosion-proof and leak-proof and features a storage pocket in the hinged lid for holding smaller parts as they drain. This nifty product carries a retail price of $139.95.



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