Road King Flip Cap Clock

Marlin Corporation

$119.95 (as tested)

Motorcycles are warp machines that relieve stress, energize emotions and elevate happy thoughts—life behind bars takes on a new meaning and schedules are left at the office. But even on the road, a timepiece is sometimes needed if for no reason other than calculating how many daylight riding hours remain. And for you Road King owners, Marlin’s Clocks has developed a choice item that’s not only functional but replaces the eyesore OEM fork lock plate.

The Road King Flip Cap Clock is a chromed, self-contained unit that is waterproof and shock resistant. It gives you full access to your fork lock without any modifications. Installing the Flip Cap Clock is super easy and if you need assistance… well… don’t tell anyone ’cause it probably means you need help refueling your bike. Using a thin blade knife, pry the stock (i.e. ugly) plastic “lock-unlock” plate off. Then remove the two Phillips screws that hold the handlebar clamp cover in place. Pivot the clock mount open by pulling the top half up, position the mount (along with the clear rubber gasket under the unit’s base plate) over the lock and then install the two longer screws that are included. I highly recommend using a drop of blue thread lock on these two screws. This ensures that the clock will not loosen due to vibration while also adding an extra touch of security (the clock comes off as easily as it goes on).

The RK Flip Cap Clock has a two-position, spring-loaded detent so the head of the clock remains out of the way when accessing the barrel key lock underneath and allows for one-handed operation. Under the head, the base is labeled “lock-unlock.” There is a rubber compression ring that fits between the actual clock bezel and the mount. This provides the extra snugness required to keep the clock in place. A spare compression ring is included with the unit along with a sheet of thin pre-cut spacers that can be applied if a tighter fit is required after years of use. A tool is also supplied to aid in removing the back cover of the clock for battery replacement.

The clock I tested came equipped with a black analog face. A white face, silver and black horseshoe design face, and a brushed silver aluminum face are also available. The numbers are luminescent and glow in the dark. I opted for the black because it comes with an optional back lit LED display that is activated by a pushbutton on the side of the bezel. This digital readout is bright red and easy to read while traveling at night. A second pushbutton provides the date in bright LED red. Both digital functions remain on for approximately five seconds.

Although I haven’t worn a watch since I saw Peter Fonda toss his away in the opening scene of the movie Easyrider, I must admit I’ve grown quite attached to my Flip Cap Clock. Its low profile and sleek design add a nice touch to the bike and I’m seldom late for dinner anymore.


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