Cardo Packtalk Bold
Cardo Packtalk Bold brings wireless communication and music to your ears.

A quality communicator is a great gift for those with dads that ride, and the Cardo Packtalk Bold is one of the best. It can connect up to 15 riders while cruising the open road or stream music and GPS directions directly into your helmet via JBL speakers. More info from Cardo Systems below.  


Enjoy the ride with your fellow riders. Listen to music, take calls, and stay connected. From the creators of the first-ever helmet communicator, Cardo Systems’s PACKTALK features industry-leading Dynamic Mesh Communication technology. Meaning, pairing and re-pairing with riders is seamless and does not require physical pairing each time like traditional Bluetooth systems. Riding will never be the same… Features: Dynamic Mesh Communication (easily pairs up to 15 riders). Standard with crystal-clear sound by JBL– 44mm speakers. Natural Voice Command (hands free — keep your hands on the bars). IP67 Waterproof (rain or shine, ride in any condition). 1-mile range (long range allows you to stay connected to your friends). Two-year warranty.

Also available is the Cardo PACKTALK BLACK, which has a sleek, blacked-out design and boasts a three-year warranty. MSRP: $389.95.

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