The new Charcoal Thermal Men’s Zippered Shirt is the latest in a long line of apparel by Gatorskins, who have developed a product line for the military, hunters, law enforcement and bikers. Produced using Light Weight Thermal Technology, this shirt promises outstanding heat retention to maintain body core temperature without excessive weight. Fabricated with thumb holes for holding the sleeve in place while donning a jacket, it also has a large front pocket and a 9” zippered neck closure with stand-up collar to aid in maintaining body heat. Using a circuitous cross-sectional knitting process, water will not penetrate the fabric but still allows airflow through the fibers. The shirt’s patented design allows for just the correct amount of warm-air retention next to the body to provide a most comfortable riding experience. The Zippered Shirt comes in S-XL sizes for $89.99, and you big guys can get either a 2XL or 3XL for only $2 more.

Gatorskins Charcoal Thermal Men’s Zippered Shirt
Gatorskins Charcoal Thermal Men’s Zippered Shirt



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