Stretching out in style
The craftsmen at Cyclesmiths have taken one of their more popular products and stretched it to achieve the new XL Banana Boards. These extended driver footboards offer added legroom and the chance to move your heels out beyond both the shifter and brake pedal, in essence performing as highway pegs. A rubber inlay provides traction and ensures no slipping on these bananas. Designed to fit all touring model H-Ds, the $392 price tag applies to either the chrome or black powder finish and either with or without the bright nickel rivets.

Cyclesmiths Inc.   909.987.3890

The other leather
Although dead cow is the garment of choice among many riders, there are times when something a little different is required that will catch the eye while still providing ample riding protection. That’s where Harley’s latest Steadfast Cotton Canvas Jacket for Men comes into play. With a dash of ranch-hand scrambled with über-tech, the Steadfast presents an alternative riding apparel from the norm. Fabricated from 100-percent cotton canvas, its distinctive chest pockets, huge waist pockets and embroidered graphics across the back make this a distinctive piece of wardrobe. The neck is secured with a snap-button collar that includes a zip-off hood for those frosty mornings while riding the range. Available in either dark brown or khaki for $135, sizes range from Small to 5XL and Tall (for all you big cowboys). Get yer boots, grab yer jacket, head ’em up, and move ’em out.


In one of the most imaginative examples of accent lighting ever conceived, Harley has just released their new Electra Glo Footboard Inserts. During normal riding conditions, the rubber molded inserts appear as the standard charcoal black mat embraced by a chrome trim complete with the Bar & Shield logo. But once you plant your kickstand and switch your ignition to the accessory setting, the underlying layer below the pad explodes with 36 glowing orbs—mini LED lamps that reflect off any available chrome and add a surreal effect. Color options include red, blue, amber and purple. These unique inserts fit 1986 and later Touring models equipped with “D-Shaped” floorboards and install with a harness that plugs into the factory wiring. The rider footboards retail for $179.95 while you can illuminate your passenger’s foot rests for $149.95.


Lightweight spinner
It’s been calculated that if a racer on the strip can shed 10 pounds of weight, the bike will gain one horsepower. So imagine dropping two-thirds the weight of that mass of aluminum that’s spinning on the end of your transmission. That’s what Belt Drives Limited has done with their new BDL Light Weight Transmission Pulley. By using high-tech 7075 aluminum, BDL has crafted a tranny pulley that weighs in at less than half of the stock unit. Machined to aircraft quality tolerances and coated with a hard anodized finish, these horsepower-saving nuggets are reputed to reclaim lost power and lower wear on tranny bearings. They weigh in at a lithe 2-1/4 pounds and are available for 4-speed Big Twins from 1979–’83, 5-speed models from 1986–present and 5-speed Sporties from 1992 and up. Retailing for only $115, it’s a horsepower bargain.

Belt Drives Limited   714.685.3333

Search and rescue
For all you gearheads who thought your arsenal of toolbox weapons was complete, Harley-Davidson has added one more toy for you to consider—the Screamin’ Eagle Lighted Pickup Tool Kit. We all get into tight spots and many times a big pair of greasy fingers simply cannot retrieve a lost nut, bolt or washer. This Pickup Tool Kit can be a time saver since it includes both claw and magnetic attachments with the added benefit of illumination (no lost part ever falls into well-lit confines). The Claw Tool is a 22-inch-long flex-arm capped with a four-fingered head that can be operated with one hand. Tipped with a LED lamp that automatically activates when the plunger is depressed, the Claw can lift an object up to five pounds. The Magnetic Flashlight probe is a 20-inch flexible telescopic arm that can snag objects as heavy as three pounds with LED lighting the way. The kit is priced at $39.95. Happy hunting.


Get triked
Paughco’s new Trike Conversion Kit has simplified the process of converting your Sportster from a 2-wheeler to a 3-wheeler, making it a do-it-yourself home garage project. The kit includes a custom swingarm that replaces the bike’s stock unit and a limited slip differential rear axle that can be ordered to link to either a belt or chain drive dependent on the model of bike. The Sportster’s stock rear suspension bolts directly to the new swingarm. This package also includes brake rotors and chrome 4-piston calipers. The wheel pattern is a GM 5 x 4.75 bolting format with the style of wheels and tires being selected and provided by the customer. The rear axle is finished in black powder coat while the swingarm is shipped in raw steel with the kit retailing for $2,561.90. The axle assembly may be ordered chrome plated for an additional charge—call for details.

Paughco Motorcycle Accessories  775.246.5738

Pressure point
Oil is the lifeblood of any motor, especially one that’s air-cooled. To assist in keeping track of what’s going on inside that cherished V-Twin, Harley-Davidson has devised a most striking new Digital Oil Pressure Gauge. Mounting to the rear cylinder rocker cover on 1999– present Dynas, 2000–present Softails, 1999–present Road Kings and 1999–2003 Electra Glide Standard models, this unit monitors your baby’s vital signs in either PSI or BAR with a vibrant blue digital display that seems to magically appear through a mirror-coated viewing glass. While the read-out is invisible when the ignition is off, the illumination factor increases in bright sunlight and dims during night riding to reduce distraction. With an MSRP of $249.95, the unit includes a chrome mounting bracket, pressure sensor and wiring harness. There may be some interference with some accessories so check with your dealer for proper fitment.


Quick-change artist
Versatility, visibility and being able to adapt to changing weather conditions are attributes that contribute to a safer and more pleasurable riding experience. Coming to the aid of all female patrons, the Miss Enthusiast 3-in-1 Leather Jacket from the MotorClothes division at Harley-Davidson is the perfect solution for unknown weather factors. This jacket offers a multifaceted combination to avert almost any hostile environment. While the jacket’s pre-curved sleeves and action back provide excellent fit and flexibility while riding, the extended cuffs come complete with thumbholes to help divert air from blowing up the sleeves. The zippered shoulder and back vents aid in temperature control. Plus it comes with a removable fleece hoodie that can be worn separately. Four pockets and 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material provide additional utility and visibility enhancements while bold H-D graphics state your ride of choice. Available in sizes from XS–3W plus Petite and Tall, the 3-in-1 retails for $425.


Stylish rumble
Striving to stay abreast of the latest changes in the motorcycle industry, SuperTrapp is please to announce the reengineering of their proven SuperMegs exhaust system to fit the Harley-Davidson FLH/ FLT Street Glide and Road Glide Custom that adopted a 2:1 setup for the 2010 model year. Available in two styles, the SuperTrapp version is a tunable, disc-based design while the Kerker model uses a conventional, fixed mechanical core and is not tunable. Both are available in either chrome or black, include 3-piece head pipe heat shields and are compatible with OEM forward and mid-controls. Wide tire units are also available to accommodate up to a 250mm rear rubber. SuperMegs are also offered for older models including Softails, Dynas, Sportsters and various Touring applications.

SuperTrapp Industries Inc.  216.265.8400


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