Twin Power is pleased to announce the recent release of their new Ignition Wires. Retailing for only $20.95 per set and available as a direct fit for the most popular Harleys, they utilize ignition leads that are 8.65mm thick with 500 ohms/ft of resistance and built with SAE J2031 Class E-rated cable for heat protection of 450 degrees F. A Kevlar core has been reinforced with fiberglass strands for additional strength and then covered with a layer of EPDM and braided tape for flexibility. The terminals are fabricated from stainless steel to reduce potential corrosion with silicone distributor and plug boots helping to dissipate heat. Mag wire ensures conductivity while eliminating radio frequency interference and noise. An outer sleeve of high-quality silicone provides heat resistance and extends the product’s life. And… you also get a packet of dielectric grease to prevent arcing and corrosion, and keep moisture out.

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