Reflections of Dakar
Masters of turbo-charged Harleys and horsepower shootouts, Trask Performance recently added a new product to their bagger offerings: wire mesh Headlight Guards. Fabricated from heavy-duty wire mesh, these guards snap into the headlight housing of all Road Glide models and provide the ultimate in protection from road stone damage and highway debris. Retailing for $195, these guards are available in either chrome or black powder coat that mixes style with a competitive attitude.
Trask Performance   866.998.7275
Pint-sized protection
With the advent of reliable motorcycles, the need to carry a detailed tool kit is almost a thing of the past. About the only problems riders encounter nowadays are the occasional flat tire or—most embarrassing of all—running out of gas. That particular “breakdown” has been eased with the e-Fill Siphon from Aerostich. Simplicity is always a plus and the e-Fill Siphon has this well covered with a 68″ siphon hose complete with a self-priming pump. Insert the pump end into whatever gas supply you have and the other end into the transfer case. (The transfer case doubles as the Siphon’s carrying case, measures 10″x2.6″x1.25″ and holds an eighth of a gallon.) After a couple of up and down pumping motions, the suction action begins. A stopper clip is provided to interrupt the siphoning without losing the vacuum. A supersoak towel is included to clean up any spills. Having this device available just one time along a deserted highway easily justifies its $24 price tag.
Aerostich/Rider WearHouse   800.222.1994
Tour-ready in a flash
Harley’s new Gloss Black Detachable Solo Rack makes gearing up for an extended ride by your lone-some a reality in under a minute. This curved luggage rack fits bobtail fenders on a wide range of Softails from 2006 to present once the passenger seat is removed (see your dealer for exact model fitment). Constructed of brazed tubing, it is hand polished and comes with a black finish. Installation requires a docking hardware kit (sold separately), which makes it interchangeable with H-D detachable passenger sissy bar uprights and sideplates. Listing for $169.95, relocation of the stock turn signals is also required.
Brother of the beast
Following on the heels of their original (and highly successful) air horn system, Pro Pad has just released their new Mini-Beast II. This totally self-contained unit houses all the components including the compressor. A redesigned oval cover completes the package and is a huge leap in styling compared to its older sibling. And with 128 dB on tap from its dual trumpets (a stock horn produces an average of 85 dB), this new beast causes the old mantra of “loud pipes save lives” to pale in comparison. It bolts in the stock location, the rubber grommet on all Harleys with a left-hand mounted horn (except the V-Rod series). Installation is completed by plugging into the factory wiring and is activated by the handlebar button. The horn comes with a 12-month warranty and has a price of $154.95. Not much expense to gain a lot of attention from the cagers.
Pro Pad Inc.   800.291.8961
One for the ladies
Matrix Cycle Works has just introduced new, extended foot supports with the female rider in mind, the Heart Floorboards. Machined from billet aluminum and then chrome plated, these floorboards also incorporate built-in heel guards to protect all those expensive riding boots from disastrous contact with an exhaust pipe. Two stylish hearts are inlaid into the design and utilize rubber pads for more positive contact. Retailing for $459 a set, they fit all Harley Softail and Touring models.
Matrix Cycle Works   951.354.7916
Lights, camera, action
Leader Motor-sports manufactures a wide variety of accessory mounting systems for GPS units, drink holders, cell phones and iPods. As such they were one of the first to realize the need for a quality mounting system for digital and video cameras. The result is their DeluxeCAM Camera Mount, a successful mating of the company’s eCaddy Deluxe mount and a Pana-Vise adjustable swivel camera mount. An Ultra-Secure feature ensures the camera’s safety against being dislodged while allowing total flexibility and pivoting to capture every possible angle while shooting. The chrome-plated mounting is easy to install, requiring no specialized tools. Two versions are available: a handlebar mount that will adapt to 3⁄4″ – 1 1⁄4″ diameter bars for $99.99 and one that connects to the controls housing for $94.99.
Leader Motorsports   800.828.0844
Custom consolation
Despite the company’s name, Fat Baggers Inc. is on a mission to streamline your touring bike. Their latest product designed to meet this goal is the FBI Dash Panel. Taking the place of the bulky stock chrome unit, this panel is made from fiberglass with lines shaped to present a more flush-mounted effect. It is a direct bolt-on for all 1999–2007 models with a center-fill gas tank, but does require the use of a pop-up gas cap (purchased separately for $35.95). The Dash Panel comes either raw ($149.95) or painted to match any of the H-D factory colors ($239.95).
Fat Baggers Inc.   877.FBI.BIKE
Klick and kick
Just when you start to think that nothing new can be invented for a motorcycle, some R&D tech locked in a Milwaukee lab somewhere comes up with true innovation. The heel shifter has been a trademark Harley design for generations. It’s also one of the first items removed by those seeking to alleviate cramped boot space on their left floorboard. Now you can have the best of both worlds with the ingenious Folding Heel Shifter by Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories. Designed to allow the rider to rotate the rear shifting knob out of the way while on the highway, a positive detent holds the peg firmly in position for use while cruising around town. Styled to match the OEM toe shift lever, the folding heel shifter is chromed and will accept the stock shifter peg or any accessory peg. The folding heel shifter fits 1986 and later Softails and 1988 and later Touring bikes and lists for $69.95.
Getting proper notice
The most common defense a motorist gives after injuring a rider is “But officer, I didn’t see the motorcycle.” General Link International hopes to reduce this visibility problem with their new LED Ring Lights. Ring Lights are battery-supported, waterproof and flexible enough to adhere to curved surfaces, the most ideal location being the back of your helmet. They are secured with a self-adhesive glue strip, requiring no tools for installation. Available in a variety of patterns (diamond, ellipse, triangle and others), Ring Lights are powered by two replaceable 3-volt batteries that can be seen at a distance of 300 feet. They have a three-way function switch: off, on and a flashing “warning” setting. By placing a Ring Light-equipped helmet on the side of the road during a breakdown or accident, the warning mode can even be used to caution approaching motorists. Ring Lights retail for $29.99 each.
General Link International Cooperation   323.255.2621


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