For Harley trike fans who desire a little more stretch, Mustang has just developed their new Super Touring Seat for Freewheeler. Placing the driver back by approximately 2″ further than Mustang’s Standard Touring for Freewheeler, the Super Touring Seat offers a 19″ wide driver’s seating platform while the passenger area is slightly bucketed and ample at 14″ wide. Built upon a marine-grade fiberglass baseplate using proprietary comfort foam with each cover individually handcrafted, the Super Touring carries an MSRP of $589. An optional Super Touring Driver Backrest for Freewheeler is listed at $219 (each Super Touring comes with a built-in driver backrest receiver). This seat fits all 2015–’17 Freewheeler models.

Mustang Motorcycle Seats | 800.243.1392 |


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