As every Shovelhead owner knows, your best friend is a tube of thread locker unless… it’s safety wire. And even though all motorcycle manufacturers are doing everything to lower vibration, some of you like to race and hit it hard—hit it hard long enough, something’s gonna shake loose. CruzTOOLS recently set out to develop a pair of safety wire pliers that would rival professional units but are priced for a broader audience. The result is the SWP8 Safety Wire Pliers. The SWP8 features a precision diagonal, locking nose jaw (an essential component) and heat-treated cutting blades that use a pro-spec chrome vanadium material. And while CruzTOOLS does not normally develop specialty tools, they felt a high grade, moderately-priced pair of safety wire pliers were needed. Measuring 8.5″ from tip to tip, the SWP8 retails for $39.95.

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