The latest offering from the air suspension specialists at Arnott is the Smooth Ride Kits for 1991–2007 and 2008–2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Models. These kits feature a thick Arnott-designed internal floating piston (IFP) monotube shock, a larger Goodyear air spring and an aluminum can to protect the air spring. Retailing for $649, the heart of this system is two custom-valved 13″ nitrogen-charged shocks with an IFP that separates the gas from the oil and eliminates oil foaming and cavitation, delivering a better ride. The Goodyear air spring allows the rider the flexibility of setting the height of their rear suspension (3.10 inches of travel), which is ideal for shorter riders or those with mobility issues while at a stop or when maneuvering the bike when parking. The kit comes with a high-output compressor and application-specific mounting bracket, a micro-toggle inflation switch and detailed installation manual. It carries a limited lifetime warranty.
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