Since the advent of electronic fuel injection, motorcycles have never been more reliable. But these magical items of wizardry can fail. When they do, replacement, not repair, is the only alternative. And Twin Power has just released a new line of EFI Service Components to keep your Harley running smoothly. The line includes fuel injectors for stock or racing applications that offer a fast pulse response and optimum fuel atomization and retail for $89.75 each. Also available are filter kits selling for $11.89 to $30.89, pressure regulators for $27.99 to $36.99, check valves for $25.09 to $29.59, a map sensor for $32.99, throttle position sensor at $49.99, coolant temperature sensor for $17.99 and an idle air control retailing for $29.95. Fuel pump door seals and EFI fuel lines round out this line of economically-priced service components.

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