High performance is a branding that S&S Cycle has worn for many years. And the development of their new 3 Piece Flywheels is certain to honor that achievement in several aspects: Heat-treated 4140 is 114-percent stronger than the OEM material, the mainshafts are each integrated with their mating flywheel half becoming a one-piece unit, an oversized crankpin diameter offers a 5-percent increase in cross-sectional area while the rod bearings have been increased to 20 versus 18 stock. Plus, precision machining and truing to within .0005” results in less vibration and a reduction in mainshaft deflection at higher rpms. These go-fast goodies are available to fit 1999-later Harley-Davidson Big Twins (both rubber mount and Type “B” motors) and S&S T-Series engines. Call for pricing.

S&S Cycle 3 Piece Flywheels
S&S Cycle 3 Piece Flywheels

S&S Cycle, Inc.


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