Multibar Engine Guard

Lindby Custom, Inc.


Your hands, butt and feet are the three parts of your body that come in closest contact with your bike when you ride. Having those parts comfortable while riding is obviously very important and Lindby Custom produces a variety of accessories specifically to address the comfort of your feet; specifically, engine guards.

Lindby Custom has three unique twists on the engine guard for your Harley-Davidson, Victory or metric cruiser. In this review we’ll be focusing on the Multibar. The Multibar I installed on my ’95 Heritage is made of 11’4-inch OD, triple-chrome-plated steel, but it is also available in a black powder coated finish.

I’ve had occasion to use up two factory engine guards with aftermarket clamp-on highway pegs. In the process, I was educated to the fact that clamp-on pegs are a lot tougher than my shins, hence my attraction to Lindby Custom’s Multibar. The Multibar has nice, radiused bends, no sharp, pointy corners, and the integral rubber foot pads give my feet somewhere to go when they get tired of resting on the footboards.

Let’s get it on
The stock engine guard is held on by three bolts, one at the top and one on each side. Remove them and put the old engine guard on eBay—you’re done with it and the old bolts, too. Unwrap the new Multibar and hardware pack. Tighten up the three new nut/bolt combinations and you are ready to ride.

Overall the Multibar is smaller than the factory engine guard. When viewed from the front it has the look of the shield of the H-D Bar & Shield and that may be a coincidence of form following function because it is the departure from a linear top that creates the built-in highway peg effect.

When riding with your feet on the footboards you’re not likely to notice any difference between the Multibar and your old stock engine guard. The shifter and brake are still easy to use. Moving your feet up to highway position is even easier than the installation. I put my left leg up; no problems whatsoever. Right leg up and there is a minor issue with my air cleaner rubbing the inside of my knee. A quick call to Per at Lindby resolved that issue. I move the bar’s foot pad (factory applied with 3M adhesive) a little farther outboard on the bar and all was right with the world. In fact, after a week’s worth of riding, I like them a little more with every ride.

In my experience, the Lindby Custom’s Multibar is a direct bolt-up replacement for your OEM engine guard. Counting the time it takes you to put your wrenches away, you’re looking at a 30-minute installation. It took longer to take pictures than it did to actually make the swap. The plating is covered by a one-year warranty and there is a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

The Lindby Custom lineup includes the Twinbar, which has integrated flip-down pegs, and the Lindbar, which has replaceable O-ring footrests. Clamp-on footpegs and Weather Guards are also available to fit the Lindby line.


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