No one likes to miss a party. And the ones thrown during Daytona Bike Week are some of the best on the planet. So here’s a quick rundown to aid in making your trip the best it can be.


Daytona Bike Week Party Zones

Main Street
Ain’t no party like the party on Main. And that colorful selection includes the Boot Hill Saloon, the Full Moon, Bank & Blues, Froggies and Dirty Harry’s Bar—all prime locations to get in trouble. But one quick update: The Dog House Tavern and the adjoining eatery were both shuttered during Biketoberfest.

Boot Hill Saloon
Boot Hill Saloon

Ormond Strip
Gobs of joints along this stretch of US-1 feature the Iron Horse Saloon, Smiley’s Tap & Tavern and the Broken Spoke, along with tons of independent vendors hawking a multitude of entertaining avenues. New for this year is the joining of two industry giants, the Boot Hill Saloon and Strip Club Choppers, for the first-ever Strip Club Choppers Road House on the Ormond. They promise free music, pole dancing (with cute, scantily-clad chicks) and a full bar and vending area, along with a custom bike builder’s display. It’s a first, so don’t miss it. Although not actually on the Ormond Strip, Destination Daytona Harley- Davidson (at the intersection of US-1 and I-95) is an experience that must be experienced. This year the dealership is featuring a Women’s Day Ride on March 12, and a free concert by Shooter Jennings on the 16th.

Bike Shows
Nothing spells party time during Bike Week like a collection of gearheads. So here are some of the best custom bike shows on tap for 2013:

Daytona Bike Week, Rat's Hole Bike Show
Daytona Bike Week, Rat’s Hole Bike Show

3/12, Tuesday—Editors’ Choice Show at the Broken Spoke Saloon, Ormond Beach
3/14, Thursday—Old School Chopper Show at Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Shop, Yonge St., Ormond Beach
3/15, Friday—23rd annual Boardwalk Classic at #10 Ocean Ave.
3/16, Saturday—Rat’s Hole Bike Show at Daytona Lagoon Water Park at 601 Earl St., Daytona Beach

Other neat stuff to attend
Riverfront Park at Beach Street offers 30 vendors along with bike-only parking (free).

The Cabbage Patch on Tomoka Farms Road will once again cater to those coleslaw fanatics who love to see their women covered in mayo. Coleslaw wrestling will be held on Wednesday, March 13, and Saturday, March 16.

And always remember, while riding in Daytona, have fun, but stay safe. And sober. We wanna see ya back next year.



It’s the Law!

2013 Daytona Bike Week Rally Planner - It's the Law
2013 Daytona Bike Week Rally Planner – It’s the Law

While you’re enjoying the sights and sounds of Daytona Bike Week, keep in mind that Florida has its own set of laws relating to motorcycles that may be different from your home state. Here is a summary of motorcycle-specific legislation for the Sunshine State:

• The use of headlights in the daytime is required, and modulating headlights are permitted
• Eye protection is mandatory for both operator and passenger
• A helmet is not required if the rider is 21 or older and has a minimum of $10,000 in medical insurance
• At least one mirror is required
• Passenger footrests and a rear seat are required if carrying a passenger
• Handlebars cannot be higher than the top of the shoulders of the operator when seated on the motorcycle
• Ear phones are not allowed, although helmet speakers are permitted
• Lane splitting is not allowed, although up to two motorcycles may share a lane
• License plates may be horizontal or vertical, but must be permanently affixed (no flip-up plates)

Use common sense while you’re parading down Main Street, whether on foot or on your bike: Indecent exposure is prohibited, as well as open containers of alcoholic beverages. Revving your motor, wheelies and burnouts are illegal and will probably earn you a citation and fine. The maximum decibel level for bikes manufactured after January 1, 1979, is 78 dbA at 35 mph or less and 82 dbA over 35 mph. For bikes manufactured before 1979, the maximum is 82 dbA at 35 mph or less and 86 dbA over 35 mph. Speed limits are strictly enforced, so make sure you pay attention to the posted limits, especially on Route A1A (Atlantic Avenue). Note that parking rules are strictly enforced, as well. Just because four other bikes are parked across a yellowlined, no-parking zone or directly in front of a fire hydrant doesn’t mean that you should park there, too. Chances are excellent that all five bikes will be towed.

Don’t drink and ride! Florida doesn’t mess around when it comes to DUIs. Penalties for a DUI (over 0.08 blood alcohol level) first conviction can include a fine of $250 to $500, community service, imprisonment up to six months (or nine months if a minor is also riding on your bike), probation up to a year, license revocation for a minimum of six months and attendance at DUI school. And there is zero tolerance for riders under 21. Local attorneys state that you could pay thousands to mount a legal defense, pay the fines and deal with insurance premium increases.

As Daytona Beach Police Chief Michael Chitwood quips, “Don’t come on vacation and leave on probation!”


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