We know how much you enjoy reading about the biker lifestyle in Thunder Press. But did you know that some of our multi-talented columnists and contributors have published several books as well? For instance, earlier this year, Canadian and Northern U.S. contributor Ken Aiken a.k.a. Kenzo co-wrote a tour guide, Motorcycle Journeys Through Atlantic Canada. Some years ago, he also wrote Touring Vermont’s Scenic Roads as well as the award-winning The Birth of the Modern Firearm. Plus, he developed a number of touring routes for MAD Maps (as have editors Terry Roorda and Robert Filla).

Just last year, Bill Hayes, historian of the Boozefighters MC and long-time Thunder Press West contributor, wrote American Biker: The History, The Clubs, The Lifestyle, The Truth. Several years prior, he penned The Original Wild Ones: Tales of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club. And soon to be available is his new book—The One Percenter Encyclopedia: From Abyss Ghosts to Zombies Elite.

Technical Editor Kip Woodring enjoys an ongoing motorhead popularity from his authoritative volume,  101 Harley-Davidson Evolution Performance Projects, and Thunder Press columnist Buckshot, under his real (we think) name C.L. Cake, published his first novel, Skinner’s War, in 2000, and it just recently became available as an e-Book. He’s got several other books in the works, as well.

Southern contributor and award-winning custom motorcycle and hot rod painter JoAnn Bortles has, in the last six years, published six books on airbrushing and custom painting, and is working on a seventh, a painter’s bible.

Another talented Southern contributor, Sasha Mullins Lassiter, has authored two books—Bikerlady: Living and Riding Free and The Chrome Cowgirl Guide to the Motorcycle Life. Several years ago, Sasha and her husband Pat formed a band, Motoroadeo MMC (MotorMusic Club), and we’ve just learned that their original composition “Love Ride” has been chosen as the official Love Ride fundraiser song.


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