#75 In Roads-Blood brother


I’ve stopped by a landmark institution to check out the cool artwork and vintage bikes. Ok, reality is I’m in a bar with old bikes suspended from the ceiling and neon signs from old gas stations. The guy at the table next to me has a beard down to his chest and I figure he’s a biker so I feel good about reaching out for a conversation. Turns out Sean has just returned from three weeks on the road that included 5,700-miles and he’s meeting up with friends to share story glories.

He’s precise when I ask how long he’s been on two wheels. “Since 1962,” the 66-year old says with an air of nostalgia. When I ask what he rides he’s a bit more coy. “It depends on what day of the week as to what bike I ride.” Naturally I inquire as to his stable inhabitants.

“For this trip I rode a 2011 Street Glide. I also have a ’49 hard tail Panhead with Shovel tops-it’s a long story- and I have one of the last 100 Police Special 84 Shovelheads made as well as number 6 made out of about 150 of the 2001 Road Kings with special paint.”

The Iowa native is the father of two and has been married for 38-years, though he seems reluctant to discuss the family stuff.

“What does any of that have to do with a good old boy riding motorcycles?” he asks. I grin and push my luck to ask what he did before he retired. He bristles. “I am still employed,” he states. “I’m a geek, but my wife is a much more advanced computer geek than I am. She rides, too. Usually she rides the ’49.” I’m excited by that and he expounds on what a special lady she is. It’s obvious he’s proud of his woman, something I find endearing. Thanking Sean for his time, I shake his hand as he offers his business card. “My wife would really enjoy meeting you and I’d like to visit some more. You always have a place to stay when you come though this neck of the woods. Hope to see you next time you come through.” I left in awe of how generous the biker community is.


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