I was following Douglas Feinsod and Jon Szalay down some beautiful back roads of… where were we? West Virginia? I shot this with my phone because all my other cameras batteries had been used up. I couldn’t stop capturing the beauty of those two old bikes winding their way through the country. Memories of this day included getting fumigated by those Thors, squinting my eyes as I watched Doug keep riding through stop lights, traffic, blasting past stop signs and riding up on sidewalks to avoid having to stop and restart that Thor.

Anything and everything Jon did while riding that Thor was pretty amazing to witness. At one point in the afternoon, Jon lost his foot peg/pedal. When you only have one attached leg, and you are riding something that is 100 years old, losing your foothold can be a very tricky situation, bordering on critical. He rode, sans pedal, for miles, balancing precariously between a full prosthetic leg on one side and nowhere to put his other foot to balance on the other side. The man has some mad balancing skills! I have to add kudos to Christine Grove. That girl worked her ass off constantly this day and during the entire Cannonball. AND she did it with grease, oil and grime up to her elbows, grace and that big beautiful smile that can make any situation golden.

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