Pickerington, Ohio—The Federal Highway Administration has appointed 10 members to the Motorcyclist Advisory Council, which will advise the agency director on infrastructure issues affecting motorcycle riders.

Mike Sayre, AMA government relations manager for on-highway issues, has been named chair of the council.

“This is an important step toward ensuring that motorcyclists are deeply involved in the planning and implementation of infrastructure changes and improvements and that motorcycles are considered at all stages, especially with regard to emerging technologies,” said AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman. “We are elated that our own Mike Sayre is chairing this group. The Motorcyclist Advisory Council can become a powerful mechanism for promoting motorcycle safety.”

Sayre said he is looking forward to the assignment.

“It’s both an honor and a great responsibility to be a part of this council,” Sayre said. “Every member brings a high level of expertise to the discussion. And I am confident that we will provide meaningful input to the leadership at the Federal Highway Administration.”

Others appointed to two-year terms on the council include: James Baron, of the American Traffic Safety Services Association, Fredericksburg, Va.; Michael Crow, of the Kansas Asphalt Association; Fay Taylor, who is retired from the Ohio Department of Transportation; Dr. Chanyoung Lee, of the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida; Eric Line, of the Safety Programs division of the Bureau of Highway Development at the Michigan Department of Transportation; Jane Lundquist, of the Texas Department of Transportation Design Division; Dr. Share McLaughlin, of the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute; Joel Provenzano, of the Florida Department of Transportation; and Dr. Craig Shankwitz, of the Western Transportation Institute, Department of Mechanical Engineering at Montana State University.

The first MAC meeting is Dec. 5 at the National Highway Institute in Arlington, Va. More information about the meeting is available in the Federal Register.

The council was authorized by the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, passed in 2015.

The council’s task is to coordinate with and advise the agency on such concerns as barrier design; road design, construction and maintenance practices; and the architecture and implementation of intelligent transportation system technology.

Duties of the council include advising the FHWA on how to improve roadways for motorcyclists and providing a forum for developing and communicating information from an independent perspective. 


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