August 9, 2012—Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Lawyers, have launched a free mobile application for iPhone, iPad and Android. The app provides a user-friendly tool for motorcyclists to collect and submit relevant accident information and photographs, as well as easy-to-access information on services such as motorcycle repair and towing.

Screen shot of the new Law Tigers mobile application
Screen shot of the new Law Tigers mobile application

Report the important details of an accident with the “accident reporting” tool; submit information about vehicles involved, driver information, and even pinpoint accident location with built-in GPS. The app also allows one-click access to local emergency services to contact police, receive tow services and locate nearby motorcycle repair shops. You can even photograph and submit important pictures of the accident scene with the “integrated photo and video capture” feature. Another feature of the application is that motorcycle owners can store important facts about their bike with the custom “my motorcycle” feature.

Vice President of Marketing and Operations, Ari Levenbaum, states, “As America’s Motorcycle Lawyers, we are always looking for ways to support the riding community. While we hope that riders will never require our services, in the event of an accident, the Law Tigers mobile app is an indispensable tool.”

The Law Tigers Mobile App can be conveniently downloaded from both the Apple App Store and the Android Play store.


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