1912 Indian Single

The Cannonball has hosted a variety of antique motorcycling buffs from all around the world, including several riders from Europe. Ciro Nisi, an avid rider from Northern Italy, initially found out about the Motorcycle Cannonball through meetings with other local motorcycling friends. He became fascinated with the thought of tackling the exhilarating adventure and searched the Internet for more information. Eventually he found videos from the first Cannonball run in 2010 and by 2013 the enthusiastic rider decided he needed to be a part of the transcontinental expedition. He reached out to Lonnie to make plans and by the start of the 2014 race, Ciro and three of his biker friends had made their way to the starting line on the sands of Daytona Beach, Florida. It was the adventure of a lifetime. He returned again for the 2016 run and the cheerful, 53-year-old adventurist is planning for a third trip to America this September.

Cannonball Characters: #102 Ciro Nisi

“From the first Cannonball, I fell in love with your country. I met great people and I made real friendships with all the staff and riders. All the participants have always helped me with the language and they have welcomed me like a brother,” Ciro shared. “My daughter came with me last time, and I hope she can come again this year.”

In each of his prior runs, Ciro has arrived stateside with a different motorcycle and will do so again this fall when he lines up in Portland, Maine, on a 1919 Harley-Davidson J Model. “Since I was 25 years old, I have collected old motorcycles from all over the world. I have had my unrestored J Model for five years, but it arrived in Europe in 1972.”

On his first Cannonball across the United States, the avid collector rode a 1924 Moto Guzzi from Florida to Washington. During the second expedition, the Cannonball’s 2016 Century Race, he conquered 2,374 miles across America on a 1912 Indian Single. The route took riders from New Jersey to California and for Ciro, many of the miles were on foot as he walked alongside his ancient machine during the more difficult terrain, which including miles of wretched weather when he was soaked to the bone during rain storms or sweating through the heat of the Western states. Still, the intrepid warrior soldiered on with a smile. We hope his 2018 adventure will be a bit less strenuous. With the additional seven years of modern technology with his 1919 Harley-Davidson, we anticipate a lot less walking in his future.


  1. Grazie Felica di aver postato quest’articolo sul mio AMICO Ciro.

    Il suo cuore vola alto quando si parla e quando si và in MOTO……specialmente su queste MOTO.

    Un abbraccio a tutti coloro che partecipano in moto e con il cuore al Motorcycle Cannonball Race


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