It’s been 18 years this month since riders and friends Lois Lorenz, Ken Acheson, Wayne Multari, Yogi and Shirley, Phil and Sandy, Ric and Bonnie, Harvey and Susan Scott, Sam Hobbs, Mel and Colleen, Sas and Gordy Alford, Fritz and a welcome handful of others joined Matt and me at Lake Wenatchee, Washington, on Easter morning 1996 to celebrate Issaquah native Matt Hobbs making an honest woman of me—or, at least trying to. Meeting up with the troop in Leavenworth, no one suspected they were there for a wedding. Lake Wenatchee found us canoeing with snow on the shore, enjoying barbecued oysters and consuming enough swill to take off the chill; a wonderful day. No fewer than four from that gathering have passed along now, but they saw the merit in my choosing the likes of Matt (and he, me). And having now been in his good and steadfast company for over 20 years in sum, it occurred to me to take this opportunity to say, “Thanks, Matt—it’s been a darned interesting time.” And much to my relief, knowing him pretty well by now, I still think he’s one swell fellow. Happy Anniversary, “Piss Ant”… Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, California, Colorado and Washington State were all well represented with entries for the Where am I? game in March: Lisa “Lowrider” from Fort Collins, Colorado, used her husband’s laptop and work e-mail address to enter (confusing him thoroughly sometime later in the day); Hamilton, Montana, native Pete R., who moved west to Spokane, Washington, in 2008, sent in a guess by 5:00 a.m. (and was the second correct answer submitted); Andy S. from a small town near Butte, Montana, and Carl B. from Cheyenne, Wyoming, ventured their guesses within split seconds of one another. However, Carl’s guess was wrong—causing him to take plenty of flack from two buddies, Jim and Bill. Riddles can lead folks astray of the mystery locations, and Carl fell victim to a twist in one particular line. But come on, Jim and Bill, where were your guesses? You can’t rib Carl if you won’t step up to the plate yourselves. Newcomers and old included Diane “Saddletramp,” Steve M., Robert D., Harold P., Nick A., and Patty W. rounding out the baker’s dozen with my thanks. For riders who haven’t played before, why not give it a try? It requires little more than either personal familiarity with a town, highway or roadside attraction, unfolding a road map or keying in a Google search. Easy. You remember easy, right?… Teri Troyer of Spokane, Washington, saved my behind the weekend of March 15–16 when a family situation in western Washington found me holding down the farm and without legal transportation to attend a motorcycle show 90 miles away (one way). I could pull out a 12-mpg beast—the ’67 Dodge Power Wagon that Matt’s had since high school—or I could contact Teri to see if she’d cover the event. Lucky for me, she was planning on attending anyway. Look for Teri’s piece on the Inland Northwest Motorcycle Show and Sale in next month’s THUNDER PRESS. And thank you, Teri… Late in April, on Sunday the 27th, is the Ninth annual Sweet-Ola Ride, Auction and BBQ in Gem County, Idaho. This event is put on by the Boise Valley POW/MIA Corporation, and all proceeds benefit the National League of POW/MIA families (, whose mission is to help account for all missing and unreturned veterans. Staging on Sunday is at Casey’s Saloon on Glenwood in Boise at 9:30 a.m. BBQ meal tickets can be purchased for $10 through 4/19, and are then $15 after that time. Locations for ticket sales include the Triangle Restaurant in Sweet, Victor’s Hog/Horns in Caldwell, Cruisin’ Biker Wear in Meridian, Cycle Addiction in Nampa, and Pro Power Performance in Boise. Questions? Phone Cathy at 208.861.8150, Gary at 208.283.9146 or visit the website at


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