So I’m starting out my April column with a retirement. Me? Oh, heck no. At least not this month. Hah! Instead, our fearless leader, Terry Roorda, has decided to give up the high life of writing (which, by the way, can be hard work). Terry’s Blue Dog Diaries is the first thing I read when I open my THUNDER PRESS. I wondered where it was in March, but now I know. Retirement. Huh. I didn’t know folks like Terry retired. Don’t know everything, do I? I for one will really miss the Blue Dog Diaries! Best wishes for your future endeavors, Terry; hope retirement brings lots of perfect riding weather to your days… Now for the rest of April, I think my group has a few rides planned. I guess it sort of depends on what the weather for April holds for us. I’ve got one planned for them once it’s warmer. I’m always partial to the mountains, so you guys know where I’m going to drag you, don’t you? For me, as I write this, I’m looking at a 90-degree weekend ahead, so I know there will be plenty of riding out there, which has been a little lacking of late. I’ve been following a bunch of my friends on their Facebook journey to Daytona. It’s been so much fun watching them brave some hellacious storms, and some pretty awesome restaurants! So Richard (now, will you do my freekin taxes?) Hestlow, Jim Ferrand, Ken Rich, Mike Reese, Paul Domingue, Larry Jarvis, Rick Brogden, Bill Balas, thanks for the photo trip to Daytona! Ed Fortelny—so sorry you couldn’t go, my friend! I know you wanted to. Too bad about the day job! Mark Dentice, nice hearing from you! How’s life on the mountain?… I’ve got a few birthdays this month, so I’m going to jump right in on these. Bud England, hope yours is great! And Brian DeRoo, you have a fun day! Doug Whaley, here’s wishing you a super birthday. Same goes for Deb Singleton; hope your day is sweet! Graeme Donaldson, have a fun day. “Blaze” Bobby Otwell, happiest of birthdays to you too. Dick Horiuchi, here’s wishing you lots of good stuff for your birthday. Gene and Shelia Rose in Arizona, happy birthdays. Eric Thomas is now parts and service manager at Palm Springs Harley-Davidson and celebrating his birthday on the 24th—cool deal on both, Eric! Happy birthday to Jacqui Chandrasena (who, along with husband Lee, owns Palm Springs Motorsports). George Fetty of Valley V-Twin, here’s wishing you all the best for your (dare I say it?) big 60! Halle will make your day special! Diane Balas, I know your sweetie Bill will be back from Daytona in plenty of time to treat as you should be on your birthday! Denise Goyette, hope your birthday is wonderful! And Jim Berg, you have a great day too! Chandra Aldag, hope your birthday is super! Jo Alice Brooks, hope you’re feeling up to having a fun birthday. Joel Klassert, you have a fun birthday. Same goes for Butch Leach! I know Evelyn will take good care of you. Jackie and Chris Oppenheimer celebrate their anniversary in April, and they’ve added a sushi bar to their CJ’s Mongolian Grill in Indio on Jackson and rumor has it, it’s pretty darn good! Marcia Reich, hope this is finding you well on your way to recovery. Tom Lucero, you’re doing remarkably well, considering your recent go-down. Glad you’re doing so much better than predicted! It was great seeing you at the CREW meeting last month. Sandi DuBois, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. I know you’ll miss her. There’s a lot happening out there this month. You can go to the Coachella Fest on two weekends: the 14th through 16th and again the 21st through 23rd. And if that’s not enough, you’ve got Stagecoach the 28th through 30th. Don’t tell me you’re tired already? You still have the 35th annual Laughlin River Run on April 26–29. Could that be all, folks? Pretty much. At least until next month. It’s been a little while since I’ve gotten any good recommendations on biker-friendly hangs. What’s up with you guys? Let’s get going! Chop, chop! See you all next month; in the mean, you enjoy your rides!


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