It’s baaack—December takes SO long to get here—until October—then, it’s on in a flash. All the shopping you promised you’d do in July is a distant memory—although in my case, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased a Christmas present in the spring and totally forgotten its existence come December. My solace is that I love to go shopping on the bike. Parking’s a snap, and presents are small (thus easy to wrap.) I enjoy going to smaller local shops, rather than malls—last year I totally avoided all malls, until my nephew begged me to stop at the Victoria Gardens Apple store on Christmas Eve. I’d say I don’t know what possessed me, but I do know. He promised me and my honey dinner at the Stone Creek Bistro—a promise he has yet to live up to. Again, I say never again. It was truly horrendous. So hit your little downtown, wherever that may be. Park the bike and enjoy yourself. It’s a lot less crowded, I promise! And the stores have cooler stuff too… There are a couple December rides that I’ve got to get you to. Flagman Frank Waldrop always reminds me of the 11th annual Roque N Lifestyle Toy Run—this year on Saturday, December 3. Ride registration is at the Roque Center, 10936 Dale Blvd. in Stanton from 8:00–9:00 a.m. Cost is $10 per person, plus a new unwrapped toy. Check out Flagman Frank’s Facebook page for more details… Of course you all know about the Pomona Valley H.O.G./ABATE 19 Toy Run. It’s being held at Pomona Valley H-D this year on December 4. It’s always a very fun event. This is the first year it’s being held at its sponsoring dealer, located at 8710 Central Ave in Montclair. This is a rain or shine event. The price has gone up a tad from the last 27 years, but at $10 a head, it’s still a bargain and still a ton of fun!… Wishes for a quick healing for Sgt. Jeff Merritt, an Indio motor officer who was hit and severely injured while on duty. He is a respected police officer, and someone who loves to ride either his work bike or his Harley. Fundraising efforts have been going on all over Indio. #MerrittStrong bracelets and T-shirts are available at the Indio PD on Jackson Street. Valley V-Twin is planning another Motorcycle Stuff Swap Meet (looks like the 10th, with all space rental fees and proceeds from the barbecue going directly to Sgt. Merritt’s family)… The Indio International Tamale Festival is on December 3 and 4–happens across the street from VVT. Free parking for all motorcycles on both days. It’s a boatload of good times—so take a ride out there and stop by VVT while you’re there!… I’ve got a bunch of birthdays, so let’s get started. Gary Boldizar, hope you have an awesome day. Happy Birthday to Harold Witten; hope your day is fun. Same goes for John Gage, Joe Muscolo, and Christine Boyar. Janice Post, you have a great day too. Penny DeRoo, hope it’s a super birthday for you this year. And Brenda Eisenacher, hope your day is excellent! Happy day to Bo Romero. Jeff Michaels, “radio personality” at KPLM out in the desert, make it a great one. Jeff Mercer also out in the desert, have a fun day. Same for Don Singleton. Valley V-Twin’s former tech Colin Adamik celebrates his birthday the same day I do, as does Debbie Campagne’s hubby, Scott! Have a fun day to all of us! Denise Goolsby—Happy birthday and congrats on the new position with the City of Palm Springs! Chris Garcia, hope you have a good day. And happy birthday to Lance Hamilton too. David Hill, here’s a wish for a rockin’ birthday. Same goes to Luis Martinez. Author of A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist Vicki SanFelipo is also having a birthday in December. Hope it’s great! Kathy Concodine, have a wonderful day. Crystal, I know you will see to it that Wes Brooks, have a super birthday. Hope you’re enjoying life in your new home. Carleen Cuevas is a New Year’s Eve baby—hope your December 31 birthday is filled with lots of fun. Joan Taylor, hope your birthday’s full of fun; I know Riley and Steve will make it is so. Rhonda Brogden, take an excellent selfie and post it on your birthday—can’t wait to see it. I know you’re up to the challenge! Lexie and Steven Estudillo celebrate their second anniversary; hope every day is a wonderful as that first day, you two!… Sorry, I missed this last month, but I wanted to give a shout out to some super nice folks I met on my way back from Reno. They were heading home from Street Vibrations and got caught up in the same traffic snarl that I did. So howdy to John Lock, Aholibah Joaquin, and Mike and Regina Adams. Hope your final bit home to Oakhurst was less eventful… That’s it for me this month—I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Hanukah! Christmas Eve coincides with the first day of Hanukah—how cool is that? Have a great bunch of holidays, don’t work too hard and stay safe! Enjoy your ride!


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