You know when it’s hot and humid, how it seems like summer will never end? And October will never get here? It got here! Yay! I love fall—the perfect riding days, still part of summer left, the days are still a bit longer, no long rides, but the little lunch rides and breakfast rides are out there. I have my annual Scavenger Hunt coming up; sadly, not only is it going to be a surprise to my friends in the CREW, it’s still a surprise to me, but as always, I’ll come up with a fun ride. How about the rest of you? Have you thought of a fun ride to plan with your group? I have a very cool planning book that I acquired from ABATE of Illinois (of all places) that laid out all kinds of rides. How many of you have planned a Lime Run? An Observation Ride? Send me an email; I’ll give you the instructions. I enjoy the heck out of planning a ride every year and my scavenger hunts are always something different. They just come to me during my long hours of commuting. Our CREW folks recently did a soft toy ride. This isn’t a toy run as you all know one. Did you guys know that all hospitals can use smallish stuffed animals to help out the kids as they’re entering a very scary time in a hospital? Our hospital is Pomona Valley, but I’ll bet all of you can find a like facility in need. Just reach out!… I’ve got a few October birthday wishes to send out too, so here you guys go!… Happiest of birthdays to Megan Smith of Palm Springs Harley. And Mary Lou Froman, hope you’re planning a fun day! Cat Minter, happy birthday and congrats on that upcoming grandbaby! Joe Howells, happiest of birthdays! Joaquin Murguia, hope your birthday is fun and best of luck in your new endeavor… Happy birthday to Christine Madruga from the Pet Rescue Center—hope your escape to Colorado was refreshing and relaxing… the Pet Rescue Center missed you! And John Pena, you have a great day! Monica Mazet, hope your birthday is filled with friends and fun. Alice Broich (Amy’s mom), have a fun get-together with family and friends! Jamie Francis, hope your birthday is a special one this year! Hey, Steve Fetty—you’re not in my region back there in Kentucky, but happy birthday to you! Halle and George said so! Ernie Franco, have a fun birthday too! Teresa “Trauma Mama“ McClelland in Arizona, hope your birthday is lots of good times. Happy birthday to Jason Rayburn, Drag Specialties rep extraordinaire… and congrats on being recognized for your hard work—the West region being named Drag’s top region for 2017—all because of you! Sucky Bowler Dene Shaver, you have a fun birthday. Thanks for your Red Cross service helping out Texas when they needed you! Marti Hall, hope you have a sweet birthday! Splatt, you have an excellent birthday! Kirsten in Australia gets to read this birthday wish online via Halle Fetty’s Facebook forwards. Tami Gedigian of the CREW, hope your honey, Dave and your little girl Alexis give you the best birthday ever! Congrats on the new house too! Hope you’re getting all settled in. Another CREW member, Shelly Coleman, is having a birthday—hope it’s a fun day Shelly. Charlie Powers, the best neighbor ever, hope your birthday is fun. I know Jeanie and the gang will make it so! Wishing LKQ’s Kevin Kreutzer a happy birthday. Wild Bill Hartley, hope you’re having a fun birthday there in your Arizona home. Mark Dentrice, here’s wishing you a happy mountain birthday up there on the hill! And happy birthday to Mr. Bob Lawson; hope it’s a good one! Chuck Dozier over there in Paradise, wishing you the best! Happy birthday to longtime H.O.G. and ABATE member Mel Skaggs. Also happy birthday to my longtime H.O.G. girlfriend Lois Fries. Same to Ellen Kruger; wishing you both all the best, as you so richly deserve! And to our own Gail Chambers, wishing you a very happy birthday!… Happy anniversary to Gabe and Anita Aguirre on October 9… Also happy business anniversary wishes go out to Valley V-Twin, as they celebrate 14 years in biz! Thank you, Marcia Reich, for taking over my October Bunco! I’m seriously not sure how I would have made it without you taking over! Now I can take my week at the Russian River without stressing over a girl night the day after I get home… In October, millions of people worldwide will practice how to Drop, Cover, and Hold On at 10:19 a.m. on October 19 during Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills, which began in California in 2008. Have fun with that! That’s it for me this month; see you all in November! Enjoy your ride!


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